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Which types of locks are the easiest to open

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-20
01. The lock heart of the rolling station door and the iron rolling door---Easily destroyed. 02. Ordinary padlocks---It is easy to be cut and knocked. 03. The general Lala lock---It is easy to be destroyed and turned away by violence. 04. Auxiliary lock (The kind of conical protruding door panel)---Easily broken by pry. 05. Electric iron rolling door switch box lock installed outside the door---Easily pried open. 06. Three-stage lock separation type lock heart---Easily turned away by violence. ( Pay attention to the locksmith's laziness when installing the lock and not fixing the locking heart fixing piece)07. Lock Heart (Insert the place where the key rotates)By copper sheet (Such as car lock)Constructed---It is more fragile and easy to be destroyed. 08. Steam locomotive lock---Easily twisted by violence. 09. The locomotive tire lock of subordinate products---Easily cut off. Think about a bargain. Can you watch your car? 10. Drawer locks are easily broken---Do not put valuables. 11. General aluminum door lock---Because the lock heart structure is very fragile and easy to be destroyed.
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