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Why do many owners use anti-theft doors, but still

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-29
We know that with the development of society, many new products are constantly emerging, such as home decoration, more and more owners do not choose the traditional craft door when they choose the door, but prefer to use anti-theft door more and more. The first is that the anti-theft door is very beautiful; the second is that many people will feel very safe after using the anti-theft door. But many people may encounter such a problem, that is, when the decoration is over, many owners will find someone to replace the lock cylinder. At first, I didn't know why I wanted to do this. After all, the anti-theft doors I bought should be trustworthy after all, but Fu, a lock unlocking teacher with many years, said so. A lot of anti-theft doors in the market use AB locks. The so-called AB locks are designed with two different keys. A key a is mainly used by the decorator when the owner is not at home, which is more convenient. Another B key is used by the owner after the decoration. As shown in the figure below, two blue keys are a and five black keys are B. Moreover, the design of AB lock is very ingenious. The structure of the marbles in the pit with different depths of AB key is special, and a φ 1mm steel ball is installed between the up and down marbles. After finishing the decoration, the owner only needs to insert the B key into the anti-theft lock core and rotate 360 degrees to change the initial structure, which will cause the a lock in the hands of the decoration master to lose the function of opening the door, but has no impact on the b lock. However, many lockmakers suggest that the owner can change the lock cylinder in time after decoration, because although there are some differences between a lock and b lock in design, most of the merchants on the market only change the position of toothflower in a fixed position when making AB lock, and the difference between a key and B key is only a little bit, as shown in the figure below. Although theoretically, the lock cylinder of key B can't be opened with key a, it's easy for someone who is a little knowledgeable to see which perforation is different. You can use key a to prepare a key B to unlock the lock. Key duplication service was as like as two peas. The reporter used to have a survey of a roadside key booth, and only spent 15 yuan on the A key to deploy the same B key. In addition, although many anti-theft doors claim to be equipped with anti-theft locks, you should know that the anti-theft level of the anti-theft locks is closely related to the level of the lock cylinder. The locks in life generally include A-level lock cylinder B-level lock cylinder super B-level lock cylinder (that is, we often say C-level lock cylinder), and the higher the level of anti-theft performance, the better.
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