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Why do security giants become 'locksmiths' one after another '?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
Recently, Yushi technology held the 2018 Yushi technology mid-year dealer Summit in Hangzhou and released a series of smart lock products. Why, in addition to home appliance enterprises, even security giants have entered the field of smart door locks? How big is the market for smart locks? According to the 'semi-annual report of China's smart door lock industry' released by the National lock industry information center last month, the order data of the smart door lock industry in the first half of 2018 exceeded nearly double the number in 2017. At the same time, it exceeded the production and sales volume of 2017, reaching about 8. 3 million sets. It is estimated that this year, the market demand will exceed 13 million sets, reaching 20 billion sets, and the output value will exceed yuan. However, these data are only the demand of the civil market. If the demand of long and short rent apartments, hotels, industries, office buildings and other markets is added, the market demand for smart locks will exceed 20 million units this year. In the next 5- In 10 years, the total demand for smart door locks in China will exceed 30 million sets, and the total output value of the industry will exceed 100 billion yuan. Therefore, in the face of huge market demand, it is not surprising that security giants have set foot in the field of intelligent door locks. Why did the security giant enter the game? At present, the intelligent locks on the market all have the characteristics of using human biological characteristics to carry out identity security identification and authentication to open the door, which are irreplaceable, unable to be copied and unique, the main technologies involved include organic and electrical integration technology, biometric technology, cloud storage technology, etc. , basically covering the latest technologies in electronics, communications and mechanical design and manufacturing industries. From a technical point of view, security enterprises have industry-leading biometric technology and cloud storage technology, which is a huge advantage for security enterprises to enter the field of intelligent locks; From the perspective of brand advantages, leading security enterprises have higher popularity, and dealers and consumers also have higher recognition of their products; From the service level, these leading enterprises have set up branches and after-sales service stations all over the country, which is also an important factor for users to consider whether to purchase. How should traditional enterprises develop? According to statistics, there are 1129 smart lock enterprises and more than 2800 brands in the country. With the joining of major giants, the industry will become more mature and the competition will be more fierce. Therefore, many low-end enterprises want to survive' Only by continuously reducing costs, the price war has become a helpless choice for many companies. On a treasure, 300 or 400 and smart locks abound. Under the attack of many industry giants, there are only three kinds of enterprises in the future: one is a high-end brand enterprise that wins with quality and integrates industry resources; The other is a low-end brand with low price as its competitive advantage and small profits but quick turnover; The third is an enterprise that has no brand and only works as a foundry. At present, the smart lock is still in the cultivation period, and there will be a lot of uncertainty in the future market, but it can be confirmed that the market capacity is very large and there are many opportunities. However, the choice is very important. If you choose to be a brand enterprise, you may be Apple, Samsung and Huawei in the future smart lock industry; If you choose to be a low-end brand, it may become the next Tianyu and waveguide; If you choose to be an OEM enterprise, do a good job in the production line and control the quality, it may be Foxconn in the smart lock industry. Summary: as one of the hottest markets so far in 2018, the smart lock market is indeed a huge and tempting market with capital that makes countless Giants compete. We can foresee that in the next period of time, competitors in the smart lock market will definitely enter a period of explosive growth. The future market is worth looking forward to, let's wait and see.
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