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Why do you say apartment SaaS services will be unlimited growth?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-09
Takeaway: rent the apartment to a third party service providers are not valued, market participants are uniformly apartment operator. After 'bubble' rent the apartment to start their feet on the ground, will be profitable in the first place, seeking to operating technology and the improvement of the supply chain. Flats third-party service providers to rapidly grow, and in the apartment SaaS services market, seize the large customer is seized the opportunity to 'stand out', can form a 'exalted skyer' to develop the market. SaaS services describe the apartment currently existing SaaS system providers is not a few, such as the total rental apartment, water droplets, mushrooms and predominantly NBiot skynet interconnection technology, etc. They output the core product of the same - — To rent the apartment provide SaaS system based on system for research and development of ecological construction, trying to reshape the apartment operators from accessing properties to the financial management of the whole chain business. In layman's terms, is to use a standard set of apartment operator on management and operations on the process with a set of standard curing, SaaS system have played an important role bearing. Have industry view, though their products are similar, but in terms of customer group, are overweight. Such as some major rental services group, some can pay attention to the assigned to individual principal. This point of view and real market 'far'. Apartment operator analogy in taobao sellers, in the beginning, those merchants on taobao brand is very weak and even without the brand. To scale, taobao sellers or become Tmall businesses, and even set up since the traffic platform, become the head of the industry. 'Rent the apartment operators also have such a growth path, we will have corresponding to different according to different stages of the customer service plan, apartment SaaS providers face is the entire market. 'Those without the brand is the principal businesses. In fact, the current principal occupied as high as 90% of the market. It is the key to the present stage to distinguish with competitors: various SaaS performance difference is not big, the smaller client, the less sensitive to performance differences. Service providers compete on small and medium-sized customers, therefore, is not the product itself, but the service and efficiency. Apartment SaaS services are highly vertical industry throughout the complete life cycle of the operation of rent the apartment. From tenant occupancy to finance to after-sales, will produce very much on-line operation scenarios, each scenario cannot leave offline workers face to face service. To complete operating system into the system, improve operators work, did not meet the remote assistance. SaaS system provider's hand in the apartment SaaS services market, each enterprise has the opportunity to 'stand out', but can you catch it, in addition to product and efficient team, enterprises have to take into account the accumulation of its service time. 'The industry exists herding effect, small customer followed large customer choice. So good service of large and medium-sized customers, enterprises have the ability to 'exalted skyer' in our business. And exalted skyer premise, is now big and medium-sized customers market. 'Service large customer need to spend more time, need to interact with the deep and lasting, and constantly optimize the other requirements in the process. Sudden, short-term severe, it cannot be laid, enterprises have to pay, is often accompanied by customer growth long accumulation. In 2019, the average monthly subscriber growth compared with the same period in 2018 increased 8 times, average monthly growth in housing to 250000 levels. Rent the apartment is really beginning to develop in 2017, when the market is filled with apartment operator, almost no SaaS provider. Skynet interconnection technology ( Shenzhen) At that time is rooted in, use of enterprise focused on nb - Iot domain launch nbiot intelligent door locks, nbiot intelligent water meter and nbiot smart meters isometric rent apartment prerequisite products and constantly on the products, services, and the surrounding ecological optimization matching. Two years later, the industry fast development, the apartment operator size bigger and bigger, more brands and agencies involved, the supply chain system of the apartment to develop gradually. Apartment under the interaction of the improvement of the supply chain, which in turn makes industry admittance threshold is lower. To develop the market and 'SaaS platform' the United States and Europe's apartment market is relatively mature, but very different from the Chinese market environment. High labor costs in the United States, so the operator dependence of tool is higher, they are willing to spend thousands of dollars a year in the system, it is difficult to implement in China. On the other hand, the low concentration of population in the United States, the same square kilometers of housing compared to China is much more scarce, the effective management of housing manager radius is very limited. 'Over the past few years, China's apartment market has experienced explosive growth. Some brands increased among the hundreds of thousands of homes a short time. For the United States, these achievements requires more than a decade. 'Not only that, the whole apartment market, using only a small number of SaaS system apartment operators. Part no online market or will fuel 'SaaS system' to 'SaaS platform'. Fee in the future, software will no longer be the mainstream of the SaaS provider revenue, SaaS system or entrance, can become a platform to connect enough value-added service scenarios, such as household decorates, financial stage, including import and to provide operator with flow service such as inventory, demand, but also for tenants to launch services business, items such as rent, second-hand transactions such as mature value-added scenario.
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