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Winter wood door deformation and response

by:FUYU lock     2020-04-15
Winter is coming, the home of wooden door is difficult to resist the dry and cold winter, prone to deformation. Wooden door deformation mainly for prolapse of door, door, door frame deformation, etc. , lead to open close the door is not smooth, the noise big, affect the room sound insulation and beautiful at the same time. House at first silent hinges, adopts patent three-dimensional adjustable structure, without discharging door, front and back, left and right, up and down three dimensional adjustable, easy to operate, one pace reachs the designated position. Even if a person at home, easily solve the problem of wooden door deformation for 3 minutes. 【 The cause of the winter wood door deformation 】 Design: wooden door design structure is reasonable; According to the technological requirements in actual production is complete; Use place of environmental conditions, etc. Also is the main reason that causes deformation of wooden door. Moisture content: lumber moisture content is high, in the use of water in the process of gradually reduce, the internal stress of lumber shown slowly, lead to deformation. Growth factors: natural lumber is affected by various factors in the process of growth, bring about lumber density. When the wood is changed the balance of internal stress after digging, make lumber is out of shape. Quality problem: wooden door deformation sometimes because there are some quality problems, in addition, improper construction will also cause deformation. 【 Winter to prevent wooden door deformation method 】 A good, maintain indoor ventilated, make the wooden door under normal room temperature and humidity, to prevent the wooden door deformation due to dampness, temperature difference is too large. Second, using electric heater or other heating during the winter, to stay away from the wooden products, so as to avoid the heat deformation. Third, wood paint was afraid of knock against, so should pay attention to the impact protection. Four, give appropriate wooden door hydrating, winter can often mop the floor, often to wipe, to wood surface filling water, or wax, such as processing, wood door lock in moisture. 【 Easy to deal with: wooden door deformation will not be afraid] According to wooden door inevitable deformation problem, 'China top ten lock king' house quiet hinge develop domestic initiative. Noble mute hinge adopts patent three-dimensional adjustable structure, break through the traditional hinge limit, in the event of a door sagging, door deformation, door frames, and so on and so forth, without discharging door, a person also can easily complete doors, front and back, up and down, left and right sides, simple operation, easy to deal with. In addition, the house quiet hinge concealed installation, decorative cover, contracted and the atmosphere. Unique four connecting arm structure, the connecting arm adopts high intensity aviation aluminum, gasket with high strength milling-resistance modified plastics, doors more quiet, service life can reach more than 100000 times.
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