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Wood door manufacturer - how should choose Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-04
Can see from the name, the wooden door lock is installed on the wooden door locks, is one of the products of wooden door, the door factory and stores perspective, select the appropriate wood door manufacturer cooperation, it is very important. First of all, the market popular style, increase additional value for wood door; Second, there is no stock, how many, can be directly from the wooden door lock manufacturers of goods. Again, with wooden door lock manufacturers to establish long-term, stable relations of cooperation, the price will be lower than the market a lot, reduces the production cost. But the wooden door lock manufacturers on the market has a lot of, how should choose? Fu yu hardware small make up to introduce the following.     Wood door manufacturer should how to choose: & emsp;   1, look at the product orientation & emsp;   Also mentioned above, wood door lock is installed in the product of form a complete set of wooden door, so for store or door factory, before looking for wooden door lock manufacturers, the first thing to understand their own product positioning, corresponding high-grade, middle-grade wooden door is wooden door or against the wooden door. Different wooden door installation of wooden door lock is not the same, should be a one-to-one correspondence between, such ability in controlling costs at the same time, for the wooden door to bring more value.     2, the wooden door lock manufacturers strength & emsp;   80% of the wood door lock manufacturers have focused on the market in zhejiang and guangdong, basically life come into contact with all kinds of locks can be found. From the Angle of the stores, is to choose the long-term stable cooperation partner, so suggest looking for strong, has the size of the wood door manufacturer cooperation, scale manufacturers in risk prevention and product research and development has a certain capacity, according to market changes, to be able to timely launch of popular door lock, to store and door factory, has a strong ability to foresee market.     Conclusion: & emsp;   From the above introduction, we can know before choosing wooden door manufacturer must first understand their own product positioning, and then on the basis of targeting choose to have the strength of wooden door lock manufacturers cooperation. That satisfy their needs, but also improved the wooden door sales, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit. If you are looking for wooden door lock manufacturers, you can see the rich yu hardware, 21 years experience specializing in the production of wooden door lock, with 3000 square cash reserves, more than 500 kinds of style, large amount of the price, welcome to consult.
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