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Wooden door selection skills - hand lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-28
Wooden door hand lock is indispensable to every family hardware products, as the name suggests the main installed on all kinds of wooden door locks, is one of the products of wooden door, the common material is qualitative with zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and pure copper, points, according to use environment can be divided into: three types of bedroom, study, kitchen, to decorate a style to match, and the wooden door of hand lock into the contemporary and contracted, Chinese style, European three styles. Fu yu hardware is below this kind of lock for everyone to do a detailed introduction.     Wooden door of hand lock specification: common lock specifications are on the market: ( Small) Lock, large (70 Small 68 lock) A total of four kinds of specifications, material has stainless steel and pure copper, including pure brass lock core service life is longer, better performance.     Wooden door of hand lock internal structure: the handle, lock, lock body, panels, hardware fittings.     Wooden door of hand lock option: & emsp;   Wooden door of hand lock use frequency is high, when the choice to buy good quality, thick.     1, select normal wood door lock manufacturers produce products, has a reputation, comply with industry standards.     2, observation of hand lock work surface, look have sand holes, if there is a flaw, gloss.     3, tactility, repeatedly pressed by hand, open close the door lock, observe whether smooth, feel comfort.     Fu yu hardware small make up remind everybody, wooden door of hand lock in daily life using high frequency, strong push pull of avoid by all means, pay attention to the maintenance, forming good habits, is beneficial to prolong the life cycle.
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