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Yikang intelligent push intelligent fingerprint lock cat eye intelligent gating system

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-25
The home is always the place where thieves like to break through. Police data show that 57% of the burglaries came in from the gate, and no violence was found'. Under such a high frequency of attacks, consolidating the safety of the home has become a key factor in home security. Now, Yikang intelligence has launched an intelligent anti-theft device-- The intelligent door control system, through the linkage combination of intelligent fingerprint lock and intelligent cat's eye, changes passive defense to active anti-theft thief, and the user has received the information, thus, a solid and reliable security line has been established for the family. In the past five years, Yikang intelligence has continuously started from the security needs of users, combining mobile broadband technology, Internet of Things sensing technology with healthy life and home security, and has developed a series of professional and intelligent home security products. After years of intensive cultivation in the family security industry, Yikang intelligence has noticed that pure passive anti-theft is no longer sufficient to meet the security needs of every family. How to thoroughly consolidate the family's first line of defense has become the primary issue in product research and development. After five years of research and development and improvement, Yikang intelligence has finally completed a set of intelligent security products with perfect system. With the door of the intelligent door control system, users can not only clearly check the situation outside the door through the door host of the intelligent cat's eye, but also know the access information of family members and visitors through the mobile phone APP at any time. Whenever a stranger comes to the door, the smart cat's eye also pushes the image and video information to the user's mobile phone in the first time to warn and prevent threats outside the home. The intelligent fingerprint lock of the intelligent door control system not only adopts the patented international lock body of anti-skid, anti-saw and anti-collision, but also adopts Swiss biological fingerprint technology, anti-replication, fast identification, security and more reliable. In addition, the intelligent fingerprint lock is also equipped with an internal wireless communication module, which not only supports fingerprint and password unlocking, but also can realize remote unlocking through mobile phone APP, and can open the door for family or friends in time even if the user is not at home, avoid embarrassment. This intelligent door control system, which implements the concept of active security, detects, analyzes and warns the external environment of the house through the intelligent cat's eye, and uses the intelligent fingerprint lock to complete the door security consolidation and optimize the operation mode. The two are interconnected, jointly hold the first line of security for the family.
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