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You are willing to spend more than 1 million to buy a house, but why are you not willing to buy a 2,000 yuan fingerprint lock?

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-07
Xiaodong, how hateful do you think the thieves are now? My new house has just been renovated for three months before I move in. A friend told me the other day. It's really hateful, how can a thief enter your house so easily? How did he get in? My friend said that their community is a new community and basically it hasn't been renovated yet. They renovated earlier and the property management during the renovation period is relatively loose. Anyone can get in, and the thief has picked off their anti-theft door locks. The door lock of his house used a mechanical lock that cost more than one hundred yuan provided by the developer. The thief turned over his house, but fortunately there were no important things in the house. There is not much loss. After this lesson, my friend quickly changed a smart fingerprint lock with a high level of anti-theft. In the minds of many of us, door locks are used to guard against gentlemen, not villains. Many people spend millions to buy houses, and hundreds of thousands of renovation costs. However, the emphasis on door locks, the first line of defense in the family, seems very casual. Developers can use what kind of door locks they have, without considering the security issues, whether they need to change to a lock with good anti-theft performance. Is the AB lock installed by the developer really safe? Now many real estate developers will install AB locks for newly-built communities, equipped with two keys at the same time. One is used during the renovation. After the renovation, the homeowner can activate the lock cylinder with another key, and after the homeowner’s key is activated , The key of the decoration is also invalidated, in order to ensure the safety of the door lock. In order to save costs, the current developers install the locks of average quality. For many professional locksmiths and thieves, the technical opening time of more than 80% of the locks is less than one minute. And according to an old locksmith, as long as you read the current AB lock carefully or take a photo, you will know how to modify the A lock, and you can open your B lock after processing. Many new communities now install cat eyes on anti-theft doors, which actually poses more security risks. Some thieves can unlock your home through your cat's eyes. Therefore, Fuyu Smart Lock believes that it is very necessary to remember to change a good lock for the home during the renovation of the new house. So how to identify the performance of the anti-theft lock? The common anti-theft locks currently on the market have three levels, A level, B level and super B level. The method of identification is not difficult, just look at the key to distinguish. Generally speaking, the key of the A-level lock is a one-word and a cross, and the internal structure is simple, and the marble slots are few and shallow; if the key has a double row of marble slots, it is usually a B-level lock. The key of the Super B-class lock is somewhat similar to the B-class key. It is also a double-row marble slot, but it has an extra row of curved marble slots. In terms of safety performance, the super B-level lock should be> B-level> A-level. Therefore, it is recommended that you remove the lock to see if the lock core is safe when decorating a new house. If you don't want to change the lock, at least change a good quality lock cylinder. How to choose a good lock? Fuyu smart fingerprint lock makes everyone fall in love with unlocking! Fuyu smart fingerprint lock meets all your expectations for door locks. Technology is changing with each passing day. After thousands of years of development, the door lock industry has long gone beyond merely satisfying the basic needs of ordinary people to buy locks for family safety. Fuyu Smart Lock believes that a good lock should not only meet people's needs for safety, but also make people's lives better. 1. Convenient and fast, bid farewell to the era of opening keys. Compared with transmission mechanical locks, the biggest feature of smart fingerprint locks is the diversification of opening methods. Fuyu smart fingerprint lock can be opened by fingerprints, passwords, smart bracelets, emergency keys (super B-level locks) and other methods. In other words, after installing the Fuyu smart lock, you no longer need a key to open the door, which solves the daily worries of people forgetting to bring the key and losing the key. When opening the door, you can easily open the door by entering a string of passwords or pressing the fingerprint. Convenient and fast. 2. New technology, high technology, better anti-theft performance The original intention and purpose of the birth of locks is to protect people's lives and property safety. Therefore, the anti-theft of locks is an eternal theme no matter in which era, the emergence of Fuyu smart locks is based on the addition of a 'safety lock' on the basis of traditional locks. Fuyu smart fingerprint lock is N times safer than traditional mechanical locks. Fuyu smart lock adopts semiconductor fingerprint head, which has fast opening speed and unique fingerprint. Non-living fingerprints are difficult to open; password unlocking uses virtual password, which means that you can enter numbers before and after the correct password, as long as there is a string of numbers in the middle. The door can be opened with continuous correct passwords, and the security is greatly improved; the stainless steel super-B lock body is used, which is as solid as a rock, and the opening time of anti-technical technology exceeds 270 minutes.
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