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You may need a smart lock to solve the last mile!

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-08
The key is gone, the lock is not retained. When the key came back, the lock didn't accept it either. The rusty lock cylinder cannot be opened even with the right key. 'According to the 'Daily Economic News' report, on the evening of the 8th, Huaqiangbei's distributors received price adjustment information from the United States, and iPhone XR/8/8 Plus/X/XS/XS Max and other products began to reduce prices. Among them, iPhone The wholesale price of X 64GB will be reduced by 100 yuan; the wholesale price of iPhone 8 64GB will be reduced by 420 yuan; the wholesale price of iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone XR will be reduced the most, and the wholesale price of 64GB will be reduced by 450 yuan. . Some netizens said: Is this 450 yuan what I missed? I missed the five or six thousand yuan. I believe many people have this experience-go out to take out the trash, a gust of wind blows and closes the door, you without the key, you can't even call a locksmith master without a mobile phone; the children who arrive home can only be at home after working late. At the door, waiting for you to come home pitifully, your parents or relatives are visiting just when you are not at home. Where do you want to put the key, in the flowerpot? Under the rug? It’s not safe to think about it. Install a smart door lock, and the appeal problem will be solved. Just record your fingerprint, or enter a password, or swipe your face, and you can even open the door remotely via APP. The key will no longer be your home. Hinder. It is reported that 70% of households now use Class B locks (key double-row single-sided perforated locks). Class B locks have been cracked as early as 2006, and even as long as 10 seconds, a thief can open your door. . On the basis of key unlocking, smart door locks are added, password unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, iris recognition unlocking, swiping unlocking, remote APP unlocking, and a variety of unlocking methods, which provide another layer of insurance for family safety, the most important After the smart door lock is connected to the Internet, there is a smart alarm function. If someone quietly opens the door lock, you will receive an alarm prompt. The emergence of smart homes is also to make people's lives more convenient and to improve safety. Has your home changed to a smart door lock?
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