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4 Tips to extend the service life of the intelligent lock


Nowadays, more and more families have replaced smart lock china. How can we maintain them to make them last longer?

1. Battery

If you want to use the battery a little longer, you must remember to replace or charge the battery regularly!

After hearing the low battery alarm prompt, please charge the battery in time. In addition, the backup battery also needs to be recharged for three months. Long term storage without charging will affect the battery life.

What should we do if the battery suddenly runs out of power?

At this time, you can use the mechanical key or the charging bank to unlock. Remember to keep a key outside

Remember to check the battery in hot or wet weather!

The battery of the smart lock may corrode in wet weather and in the sun. If the battery leaks, it should be replaced in time to prevent the battery from corroding and damaging the circuit board.

2. Fingerprint module

Why do my fingerprints often fail to identify?

When using fingerprints at ordinary times, keep your fingers clean and tidy, and do not press too hard. If the fingerprint head is dirty, remember not to use corrosive liquids such as alcohol to affect the fingerprint module identification, and gently wipe the fingerprint module with a dry soft cloth.

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3. Lock body and lock cylinder

The door is difficult to open. Do you want to add some oil?

The internal structure of the door lock is complex. Unauthorized disassembly may lead to damage or loss of parts. If the key is stuck when unlocking, add lubricating oil to it immediately, which will lead to dust accumulation inside the lock cylinder and aggravate the situation of jamming and stagnation!

How to maintain the lock body and lock cylinder?

Pay attention to the dust prevention of the emergency lock opening in daily life. For families that have not used the key for a long time, it is recommended to try the key to open the door regularly. In addition, most intelligent locks should avoid exposure to the wind, sun, rain and humidity for a long time, which may cause the electronic components of the intelligent high end smart lock to be affected with moisture, which may easily lead to black screen, failure and other failures, as well as poor contact of the password touch screen.

4. Handle and screw

Do not hang heavy objects on the handle to avoid loosening the handle. In addition, forming a good habit of closing the door can also extend the service life of the intelligent door lock. Users only need to push the door to the door frame to make it close. Do not swing the door vigorously to avoid damage to the latch and door frame.

The door lock is used almost every day. After a long time, remember to regularly check whether the screws are loose, whether the door opens smoothly, and whether there is a sense of obstruction to ensure the fastening. If you find any abnormality in the door lock, contact a professional to solve it in time, so that the smart lock can be used longer!

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