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8 common unlocking methods of smart locks


In the era of intelligence, people's lives can be said to be omnipresent, and intelligent technology has gradually become inseparable from our lives. Therefore, in this era, smart door locks have gradually entered people's field of vision with the development of smart homes. In addition to the convenience of smart locks, safety is also one of the important factors for people to choose smart locks. Many consumers love smart locks because of their convenient performance. It is too convenient to use, on the contrary, it also makes consumers doubt or worry about the safety of smart locks! So, let me summarize the content of the interview with Mr. Huang, the technical director of the well-known smart lock brand LOKIN smart lock technology at the technical forum of the Guangzhou Construction Expo some time ago, and introduce the 8 unlocking methods of smart locks:


1. Smart lock mobile phone unlock

Today's smart locks can generally be opened remotely via a mobile phone. The use of encrypted IoT cards to transmit data is rigorous and rigorous for information security, and is as reliable as a loyal dog.

2. Smart lock fingerprint unlock

Fingerprint unlocking is one of the standard configurations of smart door locks. It has the characteristics of high stability, convenience and speed. It is understood that it has a good reputation in the market. The use of mature and well-known smart lock brands like LOKIN smart locks in the fingerprint head The requirements are very strict, and the biometric fingerprint recognition technology is basically adopted. It is basically impossible to open with an imitation fingerprint mold, and the security level is very high.

3, smart lock password unlock

The virtual password technology is added to the password unlocking to prevent people from prying eyes. Virtual password technology It is understood that the LOKIN smart lock is the first technology introduced in the industry. It is a password anti-peeping technology, that is, when using a password to open a smart lock, enter any number before and after the password (within the first 10 digits of the password, and unlimited digits after the password) to open the door. For example, the original password is "8965", you can enter 5536 "8965" 32, as long as you enter "8965" in the middle, you can open the smart lock, so that even if someone is watching, he will be confused.

4, smart lock key unlock

This is to prevent one in ten thousand special situations-such as smart lock motor failures, etc., we can still take out the key to unlock the lock calmly, to avoid the situation of being locked outside the home and unable to go home.


5, smart lock dynamic password unlocking

Financial-grade dynamic password, guests visit, open for a limited time (the specific time can be set freely within the effective range), and automatically expires when it is out of date. The blessing of this function can set different unlocking modes according to different situations in life (such as family and friends visiting Mode, nanny mode, etc.).

6, smart lock combination unlocking

Password+fingerprint combination unlocking is indispensable and double protection. This function is rarely used in family life, and it is actually used in important file cabinets or safes. Although this is the case, many well-known smart lock brands have also introduced them. , Which greatly improves the safety performance.

7, smart lock palmprint recognition and unlocking

3D infrared recognition of palmprint lines, with ultra-high resolution and higher identification capabilities, accurate recognition of the entered lines, not only that, but also the palm veins during scanning, and it will be turned on when they are completely matched. Door locks, this technology was only used in bank vaults before, and its safety is beyond doubt.

8, smart lock face recognition unlocking

Using three-dimensional image face recognition technology to perform three-dimensional modeling of facial organ features, to capture facial features in all directions, to ensure excellent recognition. It is undoubtedly an impossible task to start with planar photos and video simulations.

The above is the content of the "Eight unlocking methods and safety introduction of smart locks" compiled by the editor based on the interview with the technical director of LOKIN smart lock Mr. Huang. What functions does your home smart lock have? If you have not used a smart lock at home, here is a money-saving tip for buying a well-known smart lock brand LOKIN smart lock-buy directly from the smart lock manufacturer: Send us an email to

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