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A few hundred to three thousand smart locks

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-05
There is a saying we have all heard about things, that is, you get what you pay for. For commodities, different prices correspond to different grades and qualities, and the same is true for smart locks. In recent years, with the rise of smart homes, smart door locks, which are necessary for entering the home, are basically a must-chosen product for customers who purchase smart homes. For many consumers who need to buy locks for new decorations or change locks for old houses, smart door locks are also the first choice. If smart locks are distinguished from the price alone, smart locks can be roughly divided into four price levels: one to 1,000 yuan or less. The price of such smart locks is below 1,000 yuan. It is mainly products produced by small brands without brands and small workshops, or new brands that use low-price competition as a means to seize the market. This type of smart lock looks cheap, but it lags far behind brand products in equipment such as production and testing, so the cost is low, the quality is low, and the price is naturally low. Editor's note: Users must be cautious when buying smart locks below 1,000 yuan. Especially for some online locks below 500 yuan, these locks are basically not after-sales, and many of them have quality risks. 2. This kind of smart locks between 1000-2000 are mainly cost-effective products, most of which are domestic smart locks, and the quality can also meet daily needs. The consumer groups of these products are mainly young users born in the 80s and 90s who want to experience the entry-level products of smart locks. Editor's reminder: Due to the high cost performance, smart locks in this price range are favored by young users, and they have become the first choice for young users. 3. The price of this kind of smart lock between 2000-3000 is usually 2000-3000 yuan. Mainly classic products produced by some mid-range smart lock brands, quality and after-sales are guaranteed to a certain extent. This type of product consumer group is mainly for mid- to high-end users who have certain requirements for the quality and service of smart door locks. Editor's reminder: Smart locks in this price range are mostly well-known brands in the industry and the market. 4. The price of this type of smart lock is usually more than 3,000 yuan, and it is usually regarded as a high-end smart lock product. This type of product is generally very fashionable in appearance and has very complete functions. Such products are mainly aimed at high-end users who are pursuing a perfect experience and have a certain consumption ability. Editor’s reminder: Smart locks above 3,000 are currently mainly targeted at high-income groups and do not have an advantage in sales.
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