Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


A new experience of FUYU fully automatic mute intelligent lock is easy for the elderly and children


With the advent of the era of smart home, enjoying the convenience of science and technology should not only be the patent of young people, but also for the elderly. In Fuyu's view, if the smart door lock wants to make it convenient for the whole family, including the elderly and children, it should not only focus on the simple operation , but really adapt to and meet the needs of users. Therefore, the 3D face lock 6586 be produced by Fuyu meets this demand to a great extent.

Fuyu full-automatic intelligent door lock can automatically recognize human faces, accurately locate and recognize at a high speed. It is easy for the whole family, old and young.

A new experience of fully automatic mute intelligent lock is easy for the elderly and children

Semiconductor biometric fingerprint acquisition head can quickly identify the fingerprint. When the fingerprint of the elderly is not clear, it can be identified; When the finger is stained, it can be identified; When a child's fingerprint is young and recognizable; When the fingerprint is worn, it can be identified. 

3.5-inch high-definition led high-definition display screen can check the situation of the door at any time, capture pictures of visitors and record videos. 

3D face recognition lock, fast unlock the door.


Seven kinds of high configuration unlocking to enjoy smart life.

In addition to face recognition, this door lock is also equipped with a variety of unlocking methods such as password, key, mini program, temporary password and so on, Which meets various opening scenarios such as guest visit, express  delivery and so on.

New fast unlocking case, faster, more static and stable

In addition, it adopts a new best electronic door lock case which is faster and quieter when opening and closing the door. At the same time, the built-in door lock status detection sensor will immediately remind if the door is not locked or falsely closed.

FUYU 3D face recognition lock has below advantage

The surface is smooth and comfortable. Arc design makes the product more beautiful.  Aluminum alloy appearance will not leave fingerprints after use,  also ensures the cleanliness look.

On the top of the external handle is a circular fingerprint recognition area, which adopts semiconductor recognition technology, and the recognition rate is as fast as 0.1 second. When reaching out to pull the door, it also realizes rapid unlocking and one key door opening.

A microusb interface is also reserved at the bottom, which is mainly used to power the best smart lock in case of emergency. It can be charged with an ordinary charging treasure. Although it is rarely used, it is of great significance.

Digital unlocking design.

It adopts a hidden design. When it is not used, it will automatically turn off and hide. Only a doorbell button is reserved for visitors. The design of subject guest distinction is very good, so it can be said that its design is simple, but its function is not simple

The internal lock panel has two anti lock knobs and switch keys. Indoor and outdoor one key locking and automatic locking are really good for families with elderly people.

Installation way

1. Cut the lock hole according to the template on the door where is about 1000mm from the ground

2. After adjusting the direction of the lock body, insert the lock body into the lock body hole, and fix the lock body with forend.

3. After adjusting the length of the cylinder tail piece according to the thickness of the door, install the lock cylinder.

4.Put the exterior trim connection line passes through the door, the exterior trim should be attached to the door, and the base plate is fixed to the exterior trim with screws.

5. Connect the exterior and interior trim cables.

6. Install the spindle, interior trim, and fix them with four screws.

7. Install the strike box and strike plate.

8. Install the battery and check whether the door lock function is normal. Done!

"When you're old, your hair is white, and you're sleepy... When your parents are old, all we can do is give them a good life. Let's start by enjoying entering the door.

Fuyu smart lock, please look forward to more information!

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