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A warm scene in a residential area in Shenzhen

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-27
On August 7, during the Tanabata Festival, Shenzhen Satellite TV's news program 'first scene' reported a rather warm News. In the early morning of August 6, Miss Wang worked overtime until she came home in the early morning and fainted due to sudden hypoglycemia. At that time, her husband was on a business trip and there was no one in the family. Fortunately, some enthusiastic people did something warm on their minds! Through the electronic cat's eye on the smart door lock, the husband found his wife fainted on the stairs, so he called the neighbor for help. At present, the woman's body is no longer serious. A positive energy news, and also during the Tanabata Festival, soon won the public's hot discussion and praise. I felt full of warmth through the news. I was still very concerned about my wife's husband, warm-hearted neighbors, and Ms. Wang, who loves work and struggles for her dreams, it is these ordinary people and things that have built this beautiful and harmonious society. It is worth mentioning that intelligent technology also has temperature, the electronic cat's eye mentioned in the news'It played a key role in this incident. Through the intelligent door lock, the victim's husband found that his wife did not return home. Through the electronic cat's eye on the intelligent door lock, he saw his wife faint at the stairs. Ms. Wang is also very fortunate. Fortunately, this smart door lock can be seen. Otherwise, in the early morning, everyone has already rested and fallen asleep. It is difficult to be found. If no one helps, the consequences are unimaginable. It is understood that the electronic cat's eye of the victim's smart door lock is powerful. If someone passes through its detection range, it will automatically record 10 seconds of video and will actively feed back to the owner's mobile phone. In addition, the lock also has visual calls, family messages, unlocking records, abnormal alarms and other functions. Among them, the abnormal alarm function can also save life at a critical moment. When the user is coerced, the lock is unlocked with the anti-coercion fingerprint or password, and the designated family member will receive the coercion information and immediately report to the police for rescue. The functions of family message and visual call also have certain social characteristics. Nowadays, the intelligent door lock has entered thousands of households, and its function has also changed from simple unlocking to guarding the safety of family members. It is becoming more and more intelligent and powerful. Sometimes in case of emergency, the intelligent door lock will also become the protector of life.
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