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Advantages and installation steps of anti-theft smart door lock


With the increasing number of high-end buildings in our country, the development of smart door locks is urgent, and it has sprung up in the new housing market. With the country's macro-control of real estate and the strengthening of environmental protection awareness, housing prices are gradually returning to rational prices. The focus of the new round of commercial housing competition will gradually be reflected in environmental protection, energy saving, intelligence, safety, etc. The real estate industry has a high-end custom smart door lock market Demand is growing. 

The advantages of stealing smart door locks:

1. Remote control rolling code unlocking: The code sent each time is unique, irregular and non-repetitive, using advanced non-linear encryption technology to generate a confidential rolling code from the factory code and key algorithm;

2. Fully automatic unlocking and locking: the door will be automatically locked after the round tongue of the door is attached. After identifying the password or fingerprint, and the remote control command, the door will automatically pop open without any other external force;

3. Low power consumption, long standby time: battery power is 2600 mA h*2, standby current is 0.5 mA, it can stand by for more than 12 months after being fully charged, unlock and lock 20 times a day, and can be used for more than 3 months;

4. Dual power supply intelligent switching: when the first battery supplies power, the second battery is automatically cut off. When the first battery power drops to the set point, the second battery is started to supply power. At this time, the first battery is taken out and charged. And the second battery is also down to the setting when both batteries supply power at the same time;

5. Rechargeable and recycled lithium cobalt oxide battery: use rechargeable lithium cobalt oxide battery with explosion-proof;

6. Remote control lock: adjustable remote control distance, unlocking distance 0-50 meters;

7. Two-way induction unlocking: when the distance between the induction key and the door lock is 1 meter, the round lock tongue is automatically opened; when the distance between the induction key and the lock is greater than 1 meter and more than 3 seconds, the round lock tongue is automatically locked;

8. Anti-cat's eye: One-key unlocking and emergency unlocking in the door cannot be activated by reaching into the object through the cat's eye;


9. Anti-piracy function: when the door lock is loose, an alarm sound will be automatically issued, and the phone associated with the Smart Door Lock OEM will be dialed at the same time;

10. Unlimited password unlocking: set the unlocking password, you can add a digit password, and you can unlock it with a different password every time you unlock it;

11. High-sensitivity fingerprint unlocking with body temperature: you must have a fingerprint whose body temperature has been recorded to unlock the lock. The fingerprint of the image and picture produced is the same as the recorded fingerprint, but it cannot be unlocked;

12. Terminal control lock: it can be unlocked through the mobile phone APP terminal software;

13. One-button unlocking: there is a hidden one-button unlocking switch inside the door, which is convenient, practical and safe;

14. Voice self-diagnosis: conventional problem solving methods and operating methods with door locks;

15. Multi-system lock control: remote control system, remote control backup system, fingerprint, password, phone, APP, etc. unlocking system;

16. Holeless door lock: The door lock has no traditional mechanical keyhole, and the thief door has no way to start;

17. Easy installation: no need to replace the tuya smart lock OEM body, just lock the two inner and outer panel fixing screws, and the installation can be completed in 5 minutes;

18. Automatically switch left and right inside and outside door opening: You can switch left and right inside and outside door opening through intelligent settings, without worrying about the direction of the smart door lock;

19. Emergency unlocking of the power bank: when the battery is forgotten to be charged, or when traveling abroad for a long time, just use the power bank to charge for 3-5 minutes, and then the lock can be unlocked;

20. High-strength with fire protection: the unlocking and locking transmission systems of the lock are all fire-resistant, and can be unlocked normally when a fire occurs; violent unlocking can only be opened for more than 30 minutes;

21. Safe voltage lock: all voltages of the lock are safe voltages lower than 36V;

22. Family nanny lock: authorized nanny or relatives to unlock or lock within a fixed time;

23. Anti-oxidation and no fading: the shell and all accessories will never fade;

24. In-band insurance, anti-lock function: In-band insurance knob, more secure;

25. The unlocking torque is large, and the door is not afraid of deformation: the torque of the lock transmission system is large, and various lock bodies can be activated;

26. With display screen: visual power and date.

Smart lock installation steps:

1. If the inner and outer panels are not equipped with handles, please install and fix the handles on the inner and outer panels according to the left and right directions of the door. Please be careful not to install them backwards;

2. Please insert the lock cylinder into the lock body hole, slightly tighten the lock cylinder bolt, and turn the lock cylinder lever. One is to verify that the lock cylinder is installed in place; the other is to verify whether the unlocking state is smooth; The exposed length of the core lever is 15 +/- 3 mm (based on the facade);

3. Please insert the cable plug of the outer lock board into the corresponding socket of the inner lock board, and turn on the power switch of the inner lock board;

4. Set and test the corresponding function of the door lock, insert the safety switch and the square shaft;

5. Insert the cable plug of the outer lock plate into the corresponding socket of the inner lock plate firmly, and lead it to the position of the outer lock plate of the anti-theft safety door through the inner hole of the square shaft of the anti-theft safety door;

6. Insert the square shaft into the square hole of the lock body, align the handle hole, lever hole and safety sheet hole of the inner lock plate, press the unlock or lock button, and turn the drag mechanism to make the lever and the lock cylinder fit in place;

7. Install the outer lock plate sleeve nut on the outer lock plate bolt and fix it tightly;

8. Align the panel fixing screws with the bolt fixing holes of the inner lock plate, insert the fixing bolts of the outer lock plate, tighten slightly, press the unlock button, turn the drag mechanism to toggle the lock body to unlock, and the installation is only when there is no jamming. If it is successful, otherwise the position of the inner and outer lock plates may be adjusted so that the lock cylinder and the motor are in the same core, until the sound of the remote control door lock rotates smoothly.

9. Press the lock button of the remote control key to observe whether it is locked. If it is unlocked, please press the button on the inner panel of Fuyu to change the unlocking direction;

10. Check remote unlocking, password unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, mobile phone unlocking, remote key setting operation, inner panel key operation, doorbell, one-key unlocking, one-key closing automatic locking, closing anti-theft system, negotiating adjustment, upper and lower battery packs Whether functions such as independent work are normal;

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