Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.




The hotel industry is now wholly dependent on technology. Every aspect of this industry needs technology to survive and thrive. When it comes to the entrance systems installed in most of the hotels, they are mostly taken from a digital entrance systems market. This market often has all the necessary equipment and gadgets you might require to install keyless entrance systems for your hotel.

Fuyu Hardware is a firm in China that supplies entrance systems. It has been successfully meeting the security requirements of its customers in the country as well as in overseas market. The security of the people, their assets and related information is at risk if the apartment or some hotel room doesn't have dependable access control. The Door Control unit provided by Fuyu Hardware prevents uninvited people from accessing the house. It only allows those people to enter inside, who have been approved for doing so. Such a kind of ultimate security helps in efficiently dealing with the issue of who should enter the house, at a particular place and time. Thus, it led to the development of such entrance systems.

Such systems play a crucial role in preventing unauthorized people from accessing production lines as well as government building doors. For the same reasons, these are installed in the buildings of companies, and warehouses that have vital assets and information that require strong protection against robbery, vandalism or any activity that can damage the important resources.

The door control unit has done away with the bunch of keys that the guards used to maintain, through the use of keyless door lock systems that is even more secure and beneficial for everyone. There are three segments in the door control unit. This includes a proof medium that is recognizable like a personality report; the card user who records the ID data; and assessment by sending of the data to the Data controller or access control unit.


Fuyu Hardware is a reliable door control unit manufacturer that provides qualified door access units which can be used in the common doors like the barriers in parking, health centers, conference halls, entrances for the guest night, gym, staff entrances, etc. Even people have an amazing experience when it is used in hotels. It is available in silver color in modern reader design and is compatible with the BIS hotel as well as BIS locker systems. You can use it with twins reader mounting on both sides of the passage door. Hotel guests can easily use the "out and go" feature in the inward door exit switch.

Thus, a communal coworking place gets a safe and comfortable experience with this product. This smart lock manufacturer in China excels in providing products that are of superior quality which are even exported to the oversea markets. Though there are numerous smart lock suppliers in the market, you must choose the one with certifications and proven track record of serving the people well to prevent any disappointment at a later stage.

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