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What is the difference between fingerprint lock and smart lock?


One difference, different security:

Ordinary smart locks also require a password. Some locks require more than six digits for the password, which ordinary people cannot remember, and there are security risks such as the password being stolen.

The uniqueness of the fingerprint is 100% identification, coupled with the bio-iris recognition technology used by fingerprint lock brands like LOKIN smart door locks, the temperature of the human finger is used to sense the human body capacitance, which completely eliminates the hidden danger of imitation and makes the fingerprint lock Go beyond the era of traditional lock technology.


Difference two, different information security and privacy:

Fingerprint, password, proximity card and other information, all door opening data are stored in the built-in chip of the fingerprint lock and cannot be obtained from outside. There is no data leakage in the fingerprint lock, and user privacy is strictly guaranteed.

Difference three, different autonomous control effect:

The smart lock only changes the key to a password, which is still inconvenient to operate. The advantage of the fingerprint lock is that the administrator can add new unlocking permissions at will, can input multiple fingerprints, can input or delete fingerprints, passwords or access cards, fully self-controlled, and this operation takes effect at any time.

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