Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


As a consumer, how to choose smart lock ?


The function of choosing lock is to meet your own needs on the one hand, and the quality of choosing lock on the other hand. At present, there are many unlocking methods of intelligent smart door lock, which can be basically divided into four categories: fingerprint lock, electronic password lock, electronic induction lock, remote control lock, etc. among these four kinds of intelligent locks, fingerprint unlock and password unlock are the most widely used, and the general intelligent door lock also supports these two methods.

The basic functions commonly used by smart locks include:

1) . it can be opened by multiple fingerprints (there are often more than one or two people in a family or office);

2) . the door can be opened with different authorities (it is impossible for the head of household, nanny and cleaner to have the same door opening management authority);

3) . you can freely increase or decrease the fingerprint of opening the door (the nanny can easily remove her fingerprint after leaving);

4) . it's better to have the function of querying records (you can check the door opening records at any time, which can sometimes become key evidence, and generally need to be equipped with a display screen);

5) Proper password function (the fingerprint part is the electronic part after all. When it may be broken, the head of household can open the door with password under temporary circumstances);

6) Be sure to bring the mechanical key, which is a standby way to open the door. For example, although the aircraft and automobile have automatic control status, they still retain the manual control part, which is a safety consideration;

7) . select a good lock cylinder. The quality of mechanical key lock cylinder is directly related to the anti prying and stability of your door;

8) Other fancy functions are best not to. You can't charge more maintenance personnel to repair the product (if you have to repair it, you can't charge more maintenance personnel to repair it).

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What precautions are required for the installation of smart lock?

It is suggested that you do not install locks by yourself! I know that some partners enjoy hands-on fun, but the installation of china smart door lock is not as simple as expected. First, measure the thickness and perforation of door leaf, determine the direction of door opening, and measure the guide plate of door lock; If you are not familiar with the operation, there may be problems. In case you break the lock, you can no longer enjoy the three guarantee service. Therefore, for the sake of insurance, you'd better let professionals install it for you.

What problems should be paid attention to in the use of smart locks?

Nowadays, most of the smart locks that can be remotely controlled at home will not be connected to the Internet directly, but are connected to the Internet through a "gateway". When the smart door lock is separated from the gateway, it is no different from the ordinary electronic lock. The gateway of the smart lock can not only allow users to control wherever they are, but also make the gateway a transit station for Internet of things information. For example, it can automatically open the cat's eye video when being pried, and easily turn off the indoor light when going out.

Bluetooth and other low-power protocols are more suitable for electronic devices with 24-hour standby and high power consumption requirements such as smart locks. When purchasing intelligent high end smart locks that can be controlled remotely, you are actually purchasing corresponding gateways. When purchasing, it is recommended to try to choose wholesale smart door lock products of the same brand as other purchased smart homes, or products with the same network protocol and linkage. Such a gateway can drive the linkage of products of the whole family.

FUYU Smart lock:


Unlock way:  Password , Key, sensor card and TUYA Bluetooth. 

Easy and convenient to operation.

Simple operation and installation, one button switch on behind the door

High Purity Zinc Alloy Panel----385 centigrade Die-casting, Solid and Safe.

4pcs AA Batteries-----10000 times Opening Energy saving

Emergency USB Power Supply

Tuya App unlock

IMD Tuch-pad

Handle Option

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