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Common lock body size and specifications


What is the size of the door lock body that sellers often say? Let me tell you the parameter of the security door lock. The lock body is one of the components of the  mechanical door lock. There are many types of lock bodies. Generally used on anti-theft doors, it is responsible for the basic anti-theft work of anti-theft doors. The lock core controls the operation of the lock body. The lock body is responsible for opening and locking, and plays an important role in anti-theft. The lock body is generally divided according to the size. The thickness of the common anti-theft door is between 40mm and 60mm, which is also the thickness of the common mechanical door lock. The lock body usually has a cylindrical lock body and a square lock body. Whether it is a cylindrical lock body or a square lock body, the size of the lock body is mostly the same, the difference is the size of the backset and center distance. Common sizes are: 50 * 45/50; 58 * 45/50; 72 * 45/50/55/60; 85 * 30/35/45/50/55/60; 92 * 20/25/30/35 / 40 and so on.


Lock body size measurement method: measure the distance between the center point of the handle and the center point of the key hole, and then measure the distance from the center point of the handle to the edge of the door, that is, the depth of the hole on the door to the center point of the handle. These two distances are the main specifications of the lock body. For example, the first distance is 68mm and the second distance is 60mm, then the specification of this lock body is the 60 * 68 lock body! Note: When fitting the lock body, remember to measure the depth and length of the hole on the door so that the lock body can be perfectly matched.

Standard lock body of mechanical door locks: 45 * 58 lock body and 60 * 85 lock body, standard lock strike plate 24 * 240. The distance between the center of the square spindle hole and the center of the lock cylinder hole of the lock body is divided into 85 locks and 72 lock bodies. The 6085 lock body is the center distance and the backset distance, and the name is generally specified directly by the specification. These two types can be adapted to most anti-theft doors of domestic families.

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