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Crazy, what is forend plate in door locks???


While install the door locks

The problem occur mostly is

wrong forend plate


The wrong forend plate again!

Why this problem happened so frequently?

If the install technician doesn’t have the right size of forend plate in his tool bag, then the beautiful American style handle door lock may not be able to be installed on the door. That will bring a bad experience to the users.


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What is the forend plate?

Why without forend plate the door locks can’t be installed?

Today I am going to tell you all the details about forend plate.





What is forend plate?


Forend plate is plate (usually in metal material) that fixed in the place of latch and bolt of a lock case, which is a necessary part for installation.


The function of forend is to protect the door frame from wear. When install the locks, all the lock will install a forend, and it’s all included in the standard package, without the forend, if the doorframe is worn then it will looks ugly, and sometimes the door will be broken.


Usually when buying the room door lock, entrance door lock, or bathroom door locks, the information of unlock ways, forend plate sizes, with or without up and bottom hook, etc. will be provided to the user. But because of the user doesn’t really know the importance of forend size, and give wrong size to the seller, that’s why wrong forend plate happened. Of course sometimes is because of the seller too careless.





How to measure the size?


As shown below, users need to provide the parameter information including:

A.lenth, B.width, C.thickness,




The rectangular metal plate in this picture is forend, while measuring, user only have to measure the size of A, B, C and pay attention to the style of forend. The above style is right angle with two screw holes.


User has to make sure all the data information is correct and give it to the seller, then it will have no problem for installation.




The common specification and size of forend


The forend match the lock case, and usually once you know the information of forend, the model of lock case is also clear. Meantime, the common forend also have some common sizes, besides the common sizes, usually need to pay some extra fee for the customization.


 The common size of forend:

240*24 / 240*30 / 260*24 / 260*26 / 280*26 / 300*24 / 300*30

Noteall the above size are based on mm



Of course, some company have very professional after sale service and installers. With the common and standard lock body, they can easily estimate the size and model of forend from the picture they provided, which eliminates the measure work for the users.






Around the forend


Meanwhile, the seller also should know that if the user need the top and bottom hooks and the way of opening. Some of the lock body don’t have the hooks, and the way of opening should match the handle direction as well as the latch.


But how do you know if the door lock in your house needs the hook, just by checking the top and bottom of the door, if there are holes in both side then the hooks are needed, if no holes then no need hooks. If by accident, you bought a lock with hooks and the door can’t accept the hooks, then don’t worry, you can dissemble the hooks by yourself by contacting the seller.  


The door open ways as shown below. But lots of company are supplying the locks that can adjust the direction easily by changing the direction of handle and latch.


In fact, the data information that you have to provide to buy a door lock is not complicated, just because of some people don’t know the door locks well, and not familiar with the door locks, so they have problem to do it.


Now, more and more people buy the locks, before buying, you should know some more information about it, it will helps you a lot.


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