Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


Do you know FUYU Smart Lock?


Door lock as the guard of a family, safety is naturally the most important. In terms of security, Fuyu Lock adheres to the design of explosion-proof, anti prying and anti sawing, and is equipped with abnormal alarm reminder, virtual password unlocking and other functions to protect your family security. Now let's introduce Fuyu Smart Lock in detail!

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How about Fuyu intelligent lock?

FUYU is our brand which are famous in this industry. Why is Fuyu smart lock able to stand out among many other brands? The key is high-quality products and perfect after-sales service. Fuyu Smart Lock has a strict production process, is committed to providing consumers with high-quality products, and has established a sound after-sales service system, which is well received by consumers.

Fuyu Smart Lock has rich experience in the industry, and has a unique development model from production, management to sales. In order to ensure product quality, Fuyu has created a product laboratory. Before the product is launched, it will be tested and simulated countless times, just to ensure the quality of the product for each customer. Strict control of product quality has created Fuyu's brand image.

Famous cases of Fuyu smart locks:

Fuyu Smart Lock has been specializing in the production of wholesale door locks for 22 years, and the products are sold at China and abroad. Famous cases: 

Beijing Great Hall of the People

Some projects of Beijing Olympic Village

Foshan Municipal Government

Zhongshan Municipal Government

Xiangshan Notary Office

Some projects of Malaysian Government, etc.

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Fuyu smart lock has a high-end appearance, uses high-quality materials, semiconductor biometric fingerprint recognition technology, and quickly identifies fingerprints; virtual password, anti-peeping, plus code proximity card, anti-copying, more secure. Equipped with traditional emergency keys, more assured.

Since its establishment, Fuyu Smart Lock has closely followed the international trend, and is dedicated to the pursuit of perfect quality. Now, Fuyu Smart Lock franchise stores have spread all over the country, and are still developing rapidly. If you want to join the smart lock industry and are interested in Fuyu Smart Lock, go ahead.

Fuyu smart locks are not only good in sales, but also have a good reputation, and have won unanimous praise from consumers. As a well-known brand in the smart lock industry, Fuyu Smart Lock can bring investors a long-term career after joining, and it is very reliable. Joining will not disappoint.

The product adopts high-quality aluminum alloy panel, which has strong resistance and durability. The LCD screen has higher definition, effectively improves the operation speed, and can check the door opening record.

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In the era of the Internet of Things, the use of mobile terminals to control household devices has become one of the standards to identify whether devices are truly intelligent. The smart lock for apartments that controls the door lock is really smart. Fuyu smart lock is seamlessly connected to Fuyu smart home system. Remote unlocking can be realized through mobile phones, and real-time feedback on access information can be provided. With your mobile phone, you can control your home at any time.

Is the quality of Fuyu smart lock good?

The high-end anti-theft lock body adopted by Fuyu Smart Lock has the same safety performance as that of mechanical anti theft lock for door. It uses dual-system precise biometric technology to instantly collect living leather fingerprints. Each type of product is guaranteed to pass 200,000 fault-free tests. , which is much higher than the industry standard of 100,000 times, and can be used for at least 10 years without any failures. These are all based on the core pain points of users to create safe and reliable smart lock products. Fuyu smart lock adopts C-level lock cylinder, real mortise lock body and built-in clutch, which has extremely high security performance; it mainly adopts the unlocking method of fingerprint recognition, and integrates it into the smart door lock application APP to meet the needs of customers' safety and convenience.

1.More fashionable

The appearance design of Fuyu smart lock is simple and elegant. Through intelligent experience, combined with fashion elements, it improves people's quality of life at home, realizes remote control of door locks by mobile phone APP, pushes real-time information when opening doors, and grasps the status of door locks in real time. Safe state.


Fuyu smart lock is equipped with the most advanced C-level anti-theft lock cylinder, and the possibility of burglary by opening the door lock through technology or violence is zero.

3.More convenient

Fuyu smart lock subverts the way of opening the door of traditional door locks. It is no longer just a key. It is no longer necessary to open the door lock with a key. Unlocking, emergency key unlocking, etc., no longer need to worry about losing the key or forgetting the key to go out.

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