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Don’t let the installation ruin your smart digital lock


For security fingerprint locks, installation is an important link, which directly affects your later use experience and the service life of the lock.

Sometimes the hidden dangers left over from the installation directly lead to the paralysis of the entire set of locks.

For example, if the position of the square steel hole is not large enough, it will jam when opening the door and pressing the handle.

For example, the position of the fixing screw hole is not enough. If you reluctantly install it, the front and rear panels will be offset. The handle will also be jammed, and the door will be unable to be opened if it is more serious.

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Installation seems to be a very simple step. Install the lock body into the door, and then install the front panel and the rear panel, but often simple things, there are more and more strange things inside.

1. Make the installation hole

The hole position is the most important part of the lock installation. The problems caused by the wrong hole position are not uncommon, and the hole position is also the most easily overlooked step.


The above picture is a relatively standard door keyhole position after 2016. It is compatible with the original mechanical keyhole position and also compatible with the current fingerprint keyhole position. As the industry matures, everything tends to be standardized and unified, and the mounting holes are the same. Almost all door lock manufacturers' fingerprint locks will tend to the same standard for mounting holes.


The above picture shows the standard mounting stud configuration of the best fingerprint lock. There are two connecting studs on the top and bottom, which are used to connect the front and rear panels. The two positioning screws in the middle are used for positioning to prevent the panel from sagging. If the panel sags, it will pin the square steel, causing the door to not open smoothly.

When installing, you must pay attention to supervising the installation master. The two positioning posts must be installed properly. Because the holes of the positioning posts are not available on the old door before, it is necessary to make holes. Many installation masters will save trouble. It will not help you to open the holes for installing the studs, so you can remove these two posts and tell you that it is useless, so this must be paid attention to. During installation, the space around all studs or square steel passing through the door shall not be less than 5mm, because if the panel sags, it will definitely touch the door, which will cause jamming or unsmooth use. For the mechanical lock of the biometric fingerprint lock, in addition to the positioning column, there is a connecting line that passes through the door. This line is used to connect the front and rear locks to power on. The door hole of the old lock usually only fits the size of a screw, so it must be noted here that this place needs to be reamed. And in the installation process, when arranging the thread, the position of the thread head should not be too close to the movable part. Once touched, there will be a risk of falling off or loosening in the long term. Usually this happens in the renovation of old doors, and new doors don’t need to worry about it, because the holes of the new door are basically standard compatible fingerprint lock holes.

2. Door thickness

The thickness of the door corresponds to the size of the installation package. The handle uses square steel to drive the lock body to open the door. If the square steel gets out of the handle, there will be an idling phenomenon, and the door cannot be opened. There is no way to break the lock, so this is also true. very important.

There is such a part with a square hole on the back of each set of fingerprint lock handles (pictured above). This part is called a hollow sleeve in the industry. Its function is to let the handle drive the square steel to turn the lock. Body, realize the door opening.

The depth of the square hole of the hollow sleeve varies from one company to another, but the same thing is that they will add a spring inside to ensure that the square steel can penetrate the lock body as much as possible.

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The state of the square steel penetrating the lock body is probably like this (above). The square steel will have a dot limit in the middle to ensure that one end of the lock body can only go to a certain fixed position, but the part that passes through is reserved for the length of movement in the hole sleeve.

If the square steel is just at the critical point, it can be used at the beginning, but after a long period of time, the door cannot be opened after the wear of the connecting parts.

It’s okay if the phenomenon described above is not understood, simply remember that the size of the installation package must match the thickness of the door exactly. Just observe one point, that is, after the lock body is installed, the square steel is inserted into the lock body to the end, whether the square steel exposed outside the door can reach 1 cm in length, if it does not reach the length, there will be the possibility that the door cannot be opened.


Do not arbitrarily use a lock body with a size different from the previous mechanical lock, which will cause four problems: 1. The lock body is offset in the door and cannot be centered. 2. The heaven and earth hook cannot be hooked up, which affects the use of the hooks (it is no problem to remove the hooks). 3. The gap between the door and the door frame will increase. 4. The lock body is stuck directly and cannot be returned.

I will probably tell you about the above four kinds of failures, what kind of situation can cause this phenomenon.

Lock body offset: In fact, there are several kinds of lock body thicknesses on the market. There are 17mm thick ones, which are the thinnest ones, there are also 20mm thick ones, and the thickest one is 27mm thick. Generally, there is an iron bracket at the position of the lock body of the door, which is used to fix the position of the lock body. If the original lock body uses a 27-thick cylindrical lock body, replace it with a 17-thick ordinary lock Body, the gap in the middle is 1 cm, and the floating size on one side is 5 mm, which is enough for the lock to hold the square steel. The size of the two lock bodies in the figure below is the same, except that the thickness is different.

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The hooks cannot be hooked up: This phenomenon usually occurs when the lock body is replaced. Although the hole distance between them and the ordinary lock body is different, they can be used universally only by slightly modifying the door hole. The size of the low hook is completely different. If it is installed forcibly, the hooks cannot be opened and closed normally, or even stuck. If you insist on installing, then the suggestion is to remove the heaven and earth hook. In the picture below, you can clearly see the difference in the length of the hooks with your eyes.


The gap between the door and the door frame will increase: the reason for this phenomenon is determined by the size of the bolt. The thickness of the bolt on the market is also differentiated. The bolt size of the cylindrical lock body is 18 mm in diameter, while the general The width of the tongue of the square tongue lock body is 12 mm. If the 12mm thick bolt is replaced on the 18mm thick bolt door, it will cause a gap between the bolt and the gusset plate, and eventually the door will croak once the wind blows.

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The door lock body is directly stuck: There are two reasons for the phenomenon of the lock body directly stuck: 1. The lock body itself is malfunctioning, 2. The top and bottom hook is locked or fixed. The most likely cause of this phenomenon is the lock body of the ordinary stainless steel door installed on the wooden door. When the lock body slot of the wooden door is opened, it is usually opened just right, which can be well compatible with the corresponding lock body, but when the door is locked, once the hooks is opened, it is directly inserted into the door body, directly causing the lock body to fail Rebound, the upper and lower doors cannot be moved by the hooks. The wooden door has a special lock body without hook, but the general installation master will not make this mistake. This is to remind those consumers with strong hands-on ability to remember to pay attention to wooden doors.

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The above three points are the most important three points when installing a digital door lock. As long as you pay attention to these three points, there is almost no big problem when installing a fingerprint lock. Although most consumers will choose professional installers to install, but at least we must have some basic common sense, and we can’t let the installers do what they want. Anyone who knows a little about it will not hurt.

Installation is particularly important for fully automatic locks, because all operations of fully automatic locks are done by motors, and the strength of the motor is constant. Unlike semi-automatic locks, the force of opening the door depends entirely on your strength, a little bit The jam does not affect the normal opening and closing of the door lock, but the fully automatic lock does not work. A slight jam may trigger the motor to be abnormally blocked, and the door cannot be opened.


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