Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


FUYU Hardware Safety door lock redefines safe life at home


This is an era of intelligence,but also an era of security. As the first safety guarantee of the family,Door lock will be used that every family, which is closely related to everyone's life. FUYU safety door lock mute series is also produced to redefine the safe life of home.


Humanized design

FUYU security door lock is the witness of FUYU craftsman spirit, the design and production of consumer satisfaction products is FUYU brand pursuit for a long time. Humanized design, only need to gently press the handle, you can easily open the door, convenient for pregnant women, children, the elderly, people with mobility difficulties to use; Intimate key, new upgraded marble slot, can easily open the door by rotating 180° at most; At the same time, the stability of the door lock is good, so that each time the door is faster step.


Intimate protection, safer and more comfortable

FUYU hardware will provide users with a good use experience,FUYU security door lock anti-clamping hand door card,door handle anti-collision cover design,high density and high elastic EVA material,effectively prevent hand clamping,scratch,impact on the body and other accidental injuries,even the simple action of opening the door ,there will be a rare sense of security.In addition, anti-accident lock safety design -- when the external force suddenly closed, can also unlock, effectively prevent the wind, children accidentally lock the door. With it, even if children play to lock themselves in the door, adults can also open the door, no longer need to worry about children trapped by accident and can not be rescued, a strong guarantee for the safety of every family member.

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Fire prevention function ensures safety

Security is the most basic need of every family. It is understood that every year in the fire incident, because the lock is not fireproof, lock body deformation in high temperature, resulting in the failure to open, delay the majority of people escape the opportunity. FUYU hardware, therefore, the basic function of the fire escape door lock is blended in among them, lock body inclined tongue, the tongue, lining board, dial the piece and other exposed parts mainly adopts 304 stainless steel material, resistant to high temperature of 800 ℃, conform to the requirements of the fire prevention and the American standard test, avoid fire door lock melting, unable to open the door and other dangerous predicament, at a critical moment, can quickly escape, to ensure the safety of everyone.

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Super anti - theft, all-round protection

Home, the most desirable is to have a sense of security. And door lock, as the first line of defense of household safety, it protects the safety of every family member all the time. FUYU security door lock newly upgraded anti-drilling cylinder lock core  and anti-cut bolt, compared with the conventional door lock, the mutual opening rate is low, the lock body structure is stable, the security performance is greatly enhanced, the all-round protection of home security, let your home more a heavy guard, more peace of mind.


Quiet "enjoy every moment of home life

Fashion more and more by contemporary young people love, concise line fluent nature. This time, FUYU security door lock takes humanization as the starting point to solve user difficulties. In the lock body material, the use of 304 stainless steel three-fork silent lock body, open and close the door more quiet, more gentle, do not have to worry about disturbing the family, quiet enjoy the good home life.


Choose FUYU security door lock, to give the family safer, more comfortable, healthier home life experience! The humanized detail design not only changes your life, but also brings the close care beyond imagination, so that you can enjoy the safe and comfortable life brought by FUYU full door lock.

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