Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


Fuyu intelligent lock unlocks quickly!


With the popularity of smart home in Chinese households, users have higher requirements for the openness, compatibility and inclusiveness of a single product. More and more consumers hope that smart products at home can be effectively linked from the moment they enter.

Fuyu Smart Lock launched a full-automatic 3D face recognition smart lock model 6590, with full-automatic switch settings and six lock opening methods to open your smart life!

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Product material

As we all know, the quality of an intelligent high end smart lock mainly depends on the material, process and technology. Therefore, Mrs. Hao is very strict in the selection of intelligent lock materials. We strictly select high-quality aluminum alloy as the main material. The intelligent lock made of this material has the characteristics of environmental protection and durability. Even if it is used in a harsh environment for a long time, it is not easy to be damaged.

At the same time, the surface of Fuyu intelligent lock has been treated with a special electrophoresis paint baking process, which not only enhances the corrosion resistance of the product, prolongs its service life, thus improving the cost performance, but also improves the appearance and temperament of Goodwife intelligent lock, making it a popular product with both high appearance and high quality, which is widely recognized and loved by consumers.

Fuyu intelligent locks are extremely strict in factory inspection. Each lock has to undergo multiple strict tests. If one indicator is found to be unqualified, it will be remanufactured, and products with unqualified quality will never be allowed to enter the market. It is precisely because we have always maintained high requirements for products and a highly responsible attitude towards consumers that we have created a Fuyu intelligent lock with excellent quality, which brings consumers a safer and more convenient use experience, and we have become the backbone of the tuya intelligent lock industry by virtue of our extraordinary strength.

Lock body

60 * 68 gear lock body, the oblique tongue is made of 304 stainless steel powder metallurgy (injection), and the left and right door opening directions of the oblique tongue are easy to switch, easy to operate, and do not need to disassemble the whole lock. The square tongue is made of 304 precision cast solid stainless steel, the lining plate and gusset plate are made of stainless steel, and the lock body shell is made of fingerprint resistant electrolytic plate, which is smooth and free of marks.

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Class C cylinder, with complex structure, adopts multi technology combination, and has strong anti technical opening and violent opening functions. The technical unlocking time needs more than 270 minutes, and the anti-theft coefficient and security are very high.


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Smart home linkage to open smart life

Fuyu intelligent lock 6590 is integrated with doorbell, cat's eye , intelligent camera, 3D face recognition , intelligent detection, intelligent doorbell and other functions. Built in large size display, clearly visible outdoors. It can recorded and photographed.

Through the one-stop management of U Smart Go APP, you can trigger the mobile app to automatically send a message to remind you to open the door when you open the Fuyu intelligent door lock. Support mobile video call and remote capture.

WiFi is directly connected without a gateway. U Smart Go APP pushes the door opening information in real time, which makes it easy for family members to know when they get home. Data encryption transmission makes it clear that family members are safe at a glance.

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Six unlocking methods and nine safety protections, meet the needs of the whole family

In addition to the five major unlocking methods of conventional fingerprint one hold, password, card, temporary password, double verification and mechanical key, Fuyu lock also supports 3D face recognition unlocking. Either way, it can be easily unlocked to meet the needs of the family.

More user-friendly is that the lower end of the door lock design has a keyhole and Type-C charging port. When the door lock is run out of power, you can use the emergency key to unlock the door or connect the power bank to charge the power supply for the door lock batteries and unlock the door. 

At the same time, financial security encryption, lock crowing alarm, small black box prevention, multiple wrong password input alarm and other security protection will closely guard your home.

Fully automatic lock opening and closing, faster and more intelligent

Fuyu intelligent door lock 6590 is a fully automatic intelligent lock, which can be unlocked more quickly and intelligently. There is no need to press down the handle to unlock the door. Press the door gently to open it immediately. You can also set the timed locking function. When you go out, just pull it. When the time comes, you will automatically lock the door.

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