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Home Security Systems


Having a good well-furnished home, that offers the requisite comforts to your family is every individual’s dream. Can you imagine your dream home getting attacked by burglars? There is a very high probability that your answer is no. Most of us feel that we are safe from the outside world and unfortunate incidents, like burglaries, happen only with others. However, most statistics show a new case of burglary gets reported every twenty seconds on an average.

In this kind of environment, it is essential to protect your home properly. You can keep certain basic things in mind while choosing or constructing a house for yourself. Exterior portions and corners of the house should be well-lit, strong doors with padlocks should be used, and windows should have door locks and grills. These necessary steps, along with a good neighbourhood watch system, will provide some degree of security. However, home security systems are the best way to keep your home secure.

Types of Home Security Systems

Indoor and Outdoor Security Systems

Indoor security systems are installed on the doors and windows of the house. In contrast, outdoor security door lock systems protect the external portions of the house and are installed outside on areas like a garden or garage.


Motion sensors are used in both systems. The indoor systems are usually installed with alarms that set monitor opening and closing of doors and windows and monitor movements inside the house. You can switch off the alarm system as and when you enter your home. The outdoor systems generally switch on floodlights if they detect movement in the near vicinity of the house.

The type of security systems discussed above (indoor and outdoor alarm systems) are unmonitored, and they usually set off an alarm to alert you or your neighbours. In this case, you need to depend on your neighbour’s presence and willingness to call the police when you are not at home.

Monitored home security systems set off an alarm and immediately make a call to a call centre entrusted with the duty of calling the police. The call centre generally waits for around thirty seconds to make sure that the alarm was not switched on by accident and then alert the nearest police station about the incident. Such systems reduce the dependence on a neighbour.

Video Surveillance Systems

These advanced systems have a set of video transmitters that are connected to a one-point receiver, which could be a TV or a video recorder. You can choose to watch your house when you are inside and keep recording the data when you are outside. These systems come both in the wired and wireless categories.

Battery or Electric Systems

You can choose either based on the power supply in your area. Battery systems protect against unplanned power shutdown, but they need to be continuously monitored for changing batteries at the right time.

A basic common sense from your side, accompanied with a reliable security system can provide the best protection to you and your family.

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