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How do ensure the security performance of smart door locks


After the overall level of security technology has been greatly improved, the security performance of door locks will naturally be significantly improved. After all, today's homes and offices, hotel door lock have strict security requirements, which lays the foundation for the wide application of custom smart door lock. A solid foundation is of great help to intuitively reflect the technical advantages of artificial intelligence, and it also provides a comprehensive technical guarantee for the safety of people's property. I believe this will also greatly promote the development of the industry in the future.

Improve security conditions

As we all know, the production technology of door locks has a decisive impact on the performance effect. Without advanced production technology, it is impossible to ensure the reflection of design conditions. In the smart door lock products of various brands, the actual application scenarios are fully considered. Therefore, it still reaches a high level in terms of performance effect. I believe this is also of great help to meet different security needs, and at the same time, the improvement of security conditions will be more obvious.

Strengthen technical strength

Considering that the specific process of door lock production is different, there will be large differences in the effect of different brands of smart door locks. However, after the technical strength has been gradually strengthened, the security level of smart locks has been greatly improved. I believe this It can still play a positive role in the construction of security projects in the future. After all, the application of intelligent technology has an excellent effect on strengthening security and optimizing preventive measures. I believe this will also play a positive role in meeting different security needs.

Broaden the scope of application

It can be seen that after the application of intelligent technology in the design and production of door locks has achieved initial results, the adaptability to various application scenarios will naturally be significantly enhanced, which can not be ignored.


What does a real smart door lock look like?

In 2014, when the concept of smart home broke out, smart door locks gradually emerged and began to attract consumers' attention. Today, smart door lock oem have become an important entry point for mass smart homes, and are even regarded as the first step in opening up a smart life. There are more and more smart locks on the market, but we are not getting closer and closer to it, and it is even difficult to recognize the real smart lock.

According to most of the so-called smart door locks on the market, it can be summarized into three points:

1. Connect with a smartphone. The connection method includes wireless communication technologies such as WiFi,  Bluetooth and tuya smart lock OEM. The advantage of this connection is that it supports users to use the mobile phone APP far field (except Bluetooth, Bluetooth only supports near field unlocking) to unlock and check the lock status. .

2. Diversified unlocking methods, in addition to mobile phone unlocking, generally support (semiconductor or optical) fingerprints, (virtual) passwords, keys, etc. to unlock, some also support cards such as magnetic cards or IC chips, and some support Iris and face recognition unlocking (usually tied to other devices).

3. Anti-theft alarms, most of which are anti-brute force alarms. The alarm forms include local sound alarms and remote information reminders, mainly sending information to the user's mobile phone.

However, these conditions are not sufficient to constitute a smart door lock. How do we define a real smart lock?

A smart door lock can be a door lock like (owning) a person (intelligent quotient and ability), and the following three points can also be considered:

1. Thinking and Perceiving. This is an intrinsic ability, similar to the function of the human brain and senses, due to the fact that there must be a certain perception ability, for example, the detection of door switches, to know whether the door is closed; the induction of human body to stay, to be able to sense the stay of people outside the door; High temperature induction and reminder, early warning of indoor fire. Of course, if there are cameras and voice (eyes, mouths), it will also be very useful, which can be used for far-field monitoring and calls, etc. As for brain abilities (thinking, etc.), it is usually the home control center. Romance's fully automatic electronic door locks are already at the forefront of the industry.

2, the ability to display. You can think, perceive, and of course do things, and the same goes for smart door locks. This mainly refers to abilities other than perception functions, such as unlocking methods. On the basis of thinking, the diversification of unlocking methods can bring more choices to users and make life more convenient.

3. External links. The manifestation of a person's real ability is not only about how smart they are, but also about their interpersonal relationship and value. Therefore, the "intelligence" of a smart door should also be connected, that is, related to other devices. At present, the large smart door lock can only be connected to the Internet, and there is basically no communication with other devices. A real smart door lock should be able to communicate with other devices, establish links to lighting, home appliances and other devices, and work together to maximize intelligence.

All in all, after the door lock meets intelligent technology, a lot of changes have indeed taken place, and our lives have been changed or driven to change because of this. However, it needs to be clear that smart door locks are different from electronic door locks and traditional door locks. They should be truly intelligent and capable.

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