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How do You Put a Lock on a Door?


Installing a lock on your door might seem a complex work, but in reality, you can do this task all by yourself. You just need the proper guidance and the materials to put the lock. 

The easiest way to put the lock can be described by, make holes, then, chisel the support socket, lockbox holes, and plate, and these fall under the preparation part of the lock installing to your door. Here, below, you will get the steps described and know about the types of locks that are best for your front door. 

First step

If you buy the lock from a reputed door lock company, you will get a product manual, and you have to stick to the template which is made by the newly bought paper of door lock, or the cardboard at the proper situation at the side of the door. 

Second step

You have to use the electric drill to make a hole, and you have to make it by a particular size. The point of the drill has to penetrate the door on the opposite side, and this way the drilling will be complete. However, you have to take care not to damage the door in the process of drilling. 

Third step

You have to make the hole by the size of the station until it gets connected with the hole of the cylinder lock. You need to have the proper angle between the door and the drill point. After this, you have to use sandpaper on the edge. 

Fourth step

In this part insert the tongue of the lock through the hole. Then, you have to fix it tightly and draw the outer part of the locking tongue plate. 

Fifth step

You can always use wholesale door locks for your doors, and in this step, insert the locking tongue plate and the locking tongue into the mortise chiseled with the help of a chisel. You need to drill the screw joining hole, and put the screw and fix it in that area. 

Sixth step

Then you have to input the insert lock cylinder. You have to make connecting rod and the lock cylinder matched with the lock assembly. Put the middle lock cylinder, and then you have to fix the screws. 

Seventh step

You have to determine the right position of the tab for locking on the door frame. You have to drill the right hole size and then you have to fix it. This way the lock fixing will be done. 

After your door has been painted and it has dried out, it is advised to install the lock once again after two to three days. However, when the door is being painted you have to take care of the paint sticking to the material of the lock. 

You need to check holes that have been made are proper, also you have to follow these steps mentioned above. If you find that the switch of the lock is not flexible, or you are not able to open the lock after installing, you must contact a locksmith as soon as possible. The distributor of the product will come to your aid. 

The most crucial security for a home is the front door, and for that, you have to check the type of lock you can install in that. Here, check the information on the type of front door locks. 

1.The fit

You need to take care of the strength and safety of the door, and for that check the fit first. You will find hotel door lock manufacturers if you have a resort and need to install locks. If the lock is not a good fit, it can be removed from the outside of the door. You have to find the right fit to prevent this issue and measure the lock before you buy it. 

2.The material

You will find most of the door lock materials to be highly durable, finished with polished brass from the outside. It will be perfect to find a lock that has matter finish. This type of protection will not only look good, but it will be durable at the same time. It will also avoid corrosion. 

3.Type of bolt

Take note of the dimension and strength of the fixing bolt. You have to look for a metal one, which has a metal insert part for mounting on the frames of the door. The metal part will help in the fixing of the bolt and it enhances the strength of the lock. 

If you consider these facts, you will get a better and sturdy lock for your door frame. Also, ensure the quality of the lock. Also, you need to know the options you can get for door locks. 

Keyless option

This door lock system that locks effectively. Everyone wants better security for their home, and for that this locking system is highly efficient. You won’t need a key to lock your door, but you will get proper security always. 

Keypad lock

This is another well-known door lock option you can install. The most important thing about this is, it’s very convenient, and you will be able to get an affordable price for it too. For this lock you won’t have to carry a key, you just need to think of a password. Also, if the power goes off, you can always use the key. 

Biometric locks

These locks are more advanced than the other types. The only thing, in this case, is, you have to spend a bit more money to buy and install it. You can use fingerprint technology so that the personalization can be done. 

Combination lock

This type of lock has the features of a keyless, mechanical and weatherproof entryway along with a light system opening. This system is best for preventing accidental locking. If you have lost your key, you won’t have to worry about a duplicate one. You just need a property code, and it can be 3 to 4 digits only. You can change, delete or add the codes anytime you want. 

The door handles and locks are available in various ranges and colors. You will get oil-bronze, antique brass, polished brass, and satin nickel. 

The high-quality combination lock offers an easy solution for closing the front door, and you can get the perks of not using a key all the time. 

A pretty and sturdy door lock is always praiseworthy. Not just your guest will compliment your choice but you would want to pat yourself on your back for the door lock. Also, make sure to buy the lock from a reputed seller, so that you can get a genuine product. 

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