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How to choose a suitable smart door lock?


Don't buy a smart lock for these reasons? Then you are really wrong!


Every time we talk about fingerprint locks, it seems that there are thousands of reasons that cannot convince me to change my home to a smart fingerprint lock. Because we will say the following reasons:

1. Smart fingerprint locks are not as safe as mechanical locks

This is probably a 10-year-old argument, let's take a look. Mechanical locks and smart locks both have mortise and cylinder. If you can pry the door, there is no lock that cannot be pried open. And the key point is that smart locks can have a violent door opening alarm. In this regard, it is not only untrue that mechanical locks are safer than smart fingerprint locks, but it should be the other way around.


2. Easy to be cracked, a black box can open the lock.

There are many brands of fingerprint locks now. Some brands are small and messy, just to make a quick buck. They can be put on the market for sale after being assembled and low-priced to attract customers. This kind of basic safety design and circuit design common sense, any responsible manufacturer will not make these mistakes, overload protection, restart default switch lock state must be set, anti-static breakdown.

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3. Electronic locks are prone to failure


Indeed, compared with mechanical locks, electronic fingerprint locks are more likely to have electronic failures. Now fingerprint locks have two ways to open the door, one is the smart way, and the other also has a key hole to unlock the door. The probability of electronic failure is difficult to describe in one sentence. All brands on the market, but the real big brands will separate key unlocking and electronic unlocking in design, that is, electronic unlocking failure will not affect key unlocking.


How to choose a suitable smart door lock?


1. The installation of smart door locks needs to match the thickness of the door. Before purchasing, be sure to measure the thickness of your door, the length and width of the guide plate. Generally speaking, the thickness of the door suitable for smart door locks is between 40-110mm. If the thickness of the door exceeds this range, it is likely that the smart door lock cannot be installed. Therefore, before purchasing, it is recommended to accurately measure the thickness of the door and inform the customer service of the specific data to confirm whether the selected smart door lock model matches your door.


2. The lock body functions of smart door locks are mainly divided into two categories: fully automatic and semi-automatic. After the fully automatic lock body closes the door, the lock tongue will automatically lock, and when the fingerprint, password and other instructions are recognized, the door will automatically pop open. This type is more suitable for users who pursue a convenient and fast experience.


After receiving the unlocking command, the semi-automatic lock body needs to manually press down the door handle to open the door, and most of them are handle-type designs. Most handle-type smart door locks are semi-automatic, and the handle needs to be lifted up to lock after closing the door. Most push-pull smart door locks are fully automatic and will automatically lock after closing the door. When choosing, everyone has their own preferences. You can choose the appropriate lock body function type according to your own preferences and usage habits.


3.The cylinder of the smart door lock is the key factor that determines its security. The cylinder is divided into direct plug-in type and fake plug-in type. The direct plug-in lock core has a better anti-theft effect and is not easy to be pried; the fake plug-in cylinder is more concealed and relatively cheap. It is recommended to give priority to smart door locks with direct plug-in cylinder because they have better anti-theft performance. In addition, the cylinder grades are divided into three levels: A, B, and C, and the C-level cylinder has the highest security. It takes about 1 minute to unlock the lock with A-level cylinder technology, about 5 minutes to unlock the lock with B-level cylinder technology, and more than 270 minutes to unlock the lock with C-level cylinder technology. Therefore, choosing a smart door lock equipped with a C-level direct plug-in cylinder can provide higher security.


4.The fingerprint recognition technology of smart door locks mainly includes semiconductor fingerprint recognition and optical fingerprint recognition. Semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology can improve the recognition speed and efficiency of fingerprints, and can also perform liveness recognition to prevent fake fingerprints from being cracked. Although optical fingerprint recognition technology is stable, the recognition speed is slow and it is easy to be cracked by fake fingerprint films. Therefore, it is recommended to choose smart door locks with semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology to ensure higher security and convenience.


5. The virtual password function refers to adding numbers before and after the set password, usually 16-32 digits, which can effectively prevent password leakage. For example, if your password is 12345, you can add any numbers before and after it, such as entering 0123456, and it can also be unlocked. This function can improve the security level of the door lock and prevent thieves from obtaining the password by peeping. When purchasing a smart door lock, choosing a product with a virtual password function can further enhance security.


6. The battery life of a smart door lock should usually be at least 6 months. Be aware of the problem of being unable to unlock due to battery exhaustion. Most smart door locks have a low battery reminder function. When purchasing, choose a smart door lock with a long battery life and a low battery reminder function to ensure convenience and safety during use.

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