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How to choose the lock between intelligent and mechanical


Due to the emergence of smart locks, the daily life experience at home has become more convenient and faster. Many people choose to install smart locks for apartments. However, some people are used to mechanical locks and can not accept the emergence of intelligent locks for a while. They still think that traditional mechanical locks are safer than intelligent locks!

With regard to security, how to choose between intelligent lock and mechanical lock?

1. Reasons for purchasing smart door locks:

First, the emergence of smart lock china has brought good news to forgetful consumers. Because you don't have to bring a bunch of keys when you go out, and you don't have to worry about losing the keys. You can easily open the door when you go home just by fingerprint recognition or face recognition.

If a thief pries the door, the wholesale smart lock will give an alarm to scare off the thief. At this point, the traditional mechanical lock is far less than the intelligent lock.

Finally, after installing the mechanical lock and intelligent lock on the door of the home, there will be a big difference on the whole. The appearance of mechanical digital lock is generally single; There are many styles of smart locks in design. Consumers can choose their favorite smart lock products according to their own aesthetic concepts. After installation, they also look very high-end and grand!

For businesses who want to buy smart locks and want to experience a safer and more convenient home life than before, they can pay more attention to better brand businesses in the market.

At present, Fuyu intelligent lock factory is selling three types of intelligent lock products: automatic face recognition lock, fingerprint lock and password lock. All of them have passed the safety certification of China's national public security department in terms of safety and quality assurance, so you can choose to start at ease.

2. Reasons for purchasing mechanical lock:

At present, there are still many people who are used to using mechanical locks and are not easy to make changes. They feel that the hype of mechanical door lock is simple and relatively safe. They can still continue to use mechanical locks. Although we still have to go out with the key and always pay attention to whether the key is still on us, it does not affect the needs of such people.

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3. In terms of safety performance, which is stronger, intelligent lock or mechanical lock?

Security is the most essential for a door lock. Even without many advanced functions, as long as the safety is strong enough, it can still ensure the safety of daily home life; On the contrary, if the security is not up to standard, even more advanced functions will be flashy!

The most direct and critical factor determining whether the door lock is safe or not is the lock cylinder. According to the lock cylinder grades on the market given by the national public security department, there are A-level lock cylinder, B-level lock cylinder and C-level lock cylinder. Among the three levels of lock cylinders, class C lock cylinder is the most secure. Even if the lock is unlocked by technical means, it will take at least 270 minutes. In terms of the purchase choice of door locks, it is recommended that door lock consumers identify the door lock products with C-level lock cylinder.

For smart lock: you don't have to carry the key when you go out, so you don't have to worry about the subsequent problems. You just need to use fingerprint, password, face and other convenient ways to unlock the door when you go home. In addition, there are real-time on-site, remote alarm and auxiliary functions on mobile app and applet. Compared with mechanical door lock system, there are many kinds of protection, which is safer, faster, time-saving and worry-saving!

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