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What if the door lock doesn't open


What if the door lock doesn't open

Door locks used on doors, steel doors, aluminum alloy doors and plastic doors. The main feature is that it can be locked from the inside and cannot be opened from the outside. The most frequently used occasions are room lock, bathroom privacy lock, toilet lock, etc. because these occasions involve privacy, you can't open the door at will from the outside, but you can open it at will in the room to avoid rabbits from locking out. In fact, most of the room door lock structure (bedroom door lock structure) uses circular locks.

What if the bedroom door lock doesn't open?

Method 1: it refers to the emergency treatment when the secure bedroom door lock cannot be opened due to foreign matters stuck in the door lock. Generally, there is a foreign object stuck in the door lock, which cannot be inserted with a key or finger. Even if it is inserted, it is difficult to open it. In this case, it is necessary to find a way to unlock the door. First, determine whether the door is opened inward or outward. If it is opened inward, pull it inward. If it is opened outward, push it inward

Method 2: at this time, we need a sharp and thin knife. The sharper the knife point, the better. First, hold the door from the outside of the toilet door. The middle part that can shrink is also called the lock shaft. Do not contact the lock shaft with the lock slot to reduce friction. Insert the lock shaft through the sharp knife λ At the gap of the lock, push the lock shaft against the lock shaft and apply force to the free direction of the lock shaft. Maybe it can't be opened once or twice. It's still necessary to try several times. Maybe it can be opened

Method 3: generally, the door lock cannot be opened due to external force, perhaps because the lock tongue inside is unhooked, or the lock tongue distorts its shape, and the screws used to fix the lock tongue fall off, resulting in the door being stuck, unable to get out or enter. In this case, the best emergency treatment is to find the lock tongue and pull the fallen screws back from the door seam for positioning. This method is only limited to the case that the door lock cannot be opened due to external force

Method 4: the first method is to open the door by yourself when the door cannot be opened. In addition, if you can't unlock the door after using all kinds of methods, you can ask a professional unlocking company to unlock the door. Such unlocking companies generally have professional and unlocking technologies, but they just have to spend some money out of their own pockets

Method 5: asking a locksmith to unlock may be the same as asking a locksmith to unlock, but there are some differences in essence. Professional door lock company can professionally solve all kinds of difficult and miscellaneous problems that lock the door can not be opened, which is a one-dimensional realization. However, locksmiths can solve the simple problem that simple door locks can not be opened, which is an individualized reality

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What if the anti-theft door lock doesn't open?

1. the anti-theft door lock is hard to open

When it is difficult for the key to get in and out of the zinc alloy lock hole, go to the counter selling lighters in the small commodity market to buy a box of kerosene with the smallest package. There is a sharp mouth on the box. Press the sharp mouth against the lock hole for a few times, and the kerosene will go into the hole. Then take the key to unlock the lock. The key can get in and out of the lock hole smoothly. The volatility of kerosene is strong. There is no need to worry that there is grease in the lock hole in the future, and the performance of the lock will be affected again after a long time, It didn't take long for the kerosene to evaporate, and the door lock was restored as new. If kerosene doesn't work, the internal structure of the lock cylinder may be damaged. You can only go to the lock repairman. In addition, remember that kerosene can be used to lubricate the lock hole. Other oils such as edible oil, gasoline, diesel, etc. can't be used. It's convenient and easy to use. Just use any kind of oil, which can only contaminate more dust, which is harmful to the door lock

2. the anti-theft door lock does not rotate

A. Generally speaking, the key cannot be pulled out because it is not in the right position. Some of them are caused by the dislocation of the anti theft door lock cylinder. When a part of the lock cylinder pops out after it is returned, you can press it with your hand, and the key can be pulled out by moving the other hand;

b. When the lock cylinder spring is stuck, spray the universal lubricating rust remover into the lock hole, and try to pull out the movable key; You can also pour pencil ink into the lock hole, move the key, and then try to pull it out;

C. Find a security door maintenance and lock changing master to open it for you

3.Security door key cannot be pulled out

a. Use leather care agent, spray it on the key, and the key will be easily pulled out, leaving pencil ink and lubricant. Mechanical gadgets can get stuck sometimes

b. Screw it to the end in the direction that can be screwed, then quickly screw it back, press it in hard, and it will come out after a turn

c. If we still can't pull it out, we can try to see if the direction is correct. If we still can't pull it out. You can ask the locksmith for help

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