Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


How to choose the right door lock?


Today, with "outfit a lock to oneself new home" for example, how to choose appropriate door lock. First of all, in terms of locks in the market, are there many brands of locks? How do you choose, stainless steel or aluminum? Do you want a glossy or a frosted finish? Should choose a what kind of door lock finally, just suit whole family to use? Actually, we can think about the conditions for the lock you need.


Appearance, function, security, personality... Above all, keep your family safe.


What kind of locks do you think can meet your needs? From here, you can have different ideas and needs. FUYU Hardware series, a lock made for a home, meets your imagination.




First, appearance and security.  


FUYU Hardware series locks of European style line sense and the appearance of vintage copper, improve the appearance of the whole lock quality, of course, the whole style is very luxurious, especially the appearance of the lock panel and hand holding fancy, showing light luxury.


However, the appearance of the lock does not ignore its other features, especially in the security area, which performs very well.

For example, its sturdy stainless steel lock gives your family a great sense of security. Through fire prevention, pry prevention and collision prevention test, fully prevent emergency safety escape and daily intimate use; In the small details, the consideration is more meticulous, such as the lock handle design, in line with the human palm design, this small design, considering the feeling of the design.


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Second, function.


The opening function of holding hands is designed for the care of the elderly and children. For them, pressing down on the handle is actually a relatively laborious task. Round key design, as much as 180° rotation, you can open the door lock.


Finally, there is the personality that the contemporary wants.


All people think that the lock's shape looks the same, but in the FUYU Hardware door lock series, we found a more modern style.

Its design expresses a kind of open culture, not only has luxurious stranger, also has the modern contracted temperament; The copper that restore ancient ways deserves to go up the simple sense of brushed silk, the silk silk footprint that resembles to touch years precipitation...


FUYU hardware, with 35 years experience in lock industry, from a small workshop to a 20,000 square meter factory, from the traditional mechanical door lock to intelligent door lock, we have get a rapid, long-term development.Most of the products are sold abroad with a high reputation, because of the professional technology, beautiful design, considerate service. We dedicate to make a high security products for the safe and peaceful world.



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