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What are the different types of door locks


Home security and personal safety are important to all homeowners. With the right door locks, you can improve the security of your home. Statistics show that attackers choose houses with doors that are easy to enter. The look of a durable

 The door lock is as important as its functionality. Knowing the options can help homeowners decide which type of lock is best for their home. Do you know that there are many types of door locks? Here are the most common types:


Door handle locks


They can usually be found on the bathroom door. The reason they are usually installed in the bathroom is that they are very vague because they are easy to choose. They act to prevent the handle from turning.,handle lock manufacturers are producing varieties of handle locks with different designs and styles.


keyless door locks


Since their names are keyless, locks are usually locked and unlocked using a unique code entered on the keyboard. The cool thing about castles is that they are very safe. Locks for unlocked doors are considered a milestone in our perception of security, and this changes the profession of a locksmith, expanding the field of knowledge by current circumstances. Keyless door locks, as the name implies, do not require the use of keys to enter the house. Use the keyboard instead of the keys. To enter, you must enter a code that can also be reset.


Many people find this new technology soothing. Due to the complexity of this technology, only a well-trained and experienced locksmith in this area can correctly install a keyless lock. Since there is no keyhole here, you do not need to worry about opening anyone. Due to their level of security, they are located in commercial buildings and other places that require a high level of security. Besides being at home, you can also install them in your car.



Electronic door locks


Works like other locks, except that they are not used manually. The locking and unlocking mechanism is electronically activated. Locks are usually opened and locked with a key or code. It’s good that they cannot be selected using the manual locking tools. Also, they cannot be broken by brute force, because since they are connected electronically, you need to reconnect the system if you want to force entry.





They provide security through the use of a one-piece metal cylinder that exits by locking the door and wall. There are many types of locks, the most common of which are:


Single cylinder lock: they are the most common and have a keyhole outside the door and a recess in the middle. This recess is the one you rotate to lock and unlock the door.


Double deadbolts: it differs from a single-cylinder lock-in that there is a keyhole inside the house instead of a recess.


Cover surface: here, the D-shaped device is mounted inside the door. These locks play an important role in preventing theft from entering the external lock.


Although locking locks are very effective in operation, they are not very safe because they can be selected using conventional unloading tools.






Chain lock.



Many people underestimate the use of a chain lock. Although this should never be the only form of a blocking system, it can provide additional protection against theft. This can cause an attacker to refuse to enter if he is exhausted by breaking the first or two locks to find another door obstacle. An open circuit lock causes a lot of noise and, as a rule, is a more serious problem than an attacker deserves. Many people believe that these locks can only be secured from the inside, but there are several chain locks on the market that have a key lock on the wall bracket so that they can be locked and opened outside the door. This is good for homes that have been empty for a long time.


Exit control locks


Exit control locks are a popular type of commercial door lock. It is commonly used for the back door. it has more rules to follow. For a more durable capping, it is recommended to choose housing with a cast aluminum housing that will be resistant to corrosion and impact. You can buy front door lock wholesale from reputable suppliers. Also, it is easy to install. They are battery-powered. They are usually equipped with a cut-resistant screw lock and a high decibel beep to prevent theft. Also, you can find some external key commands.


Card reader


Another type of commercial door lock is a card reader lock. It is very convenient to use to lock and unlock the door. They are also equipped with an elegant and exclusive design. They are usually equipped with an LED lamp and an alarm indicating accepted access. Also, they need card readers that can be reached or moved using the card.



Alarm rim


This type of lock is easy to install. Some of them are weather and water-resistant and exceed safety requirements. They are usually housed in a tamper-resistant housing that can protect electronics, equipment, and the internal battery. Also, they are equipped with audible and visual alarms of up to 100 decibels.


Fingerprint lock


This is one of the popular types of door locks currently. With this type of lock, you do not need a key, so you have no problem with losing it. For more reliable security, you can choose a fingerprint lock. It was developed in biometric technology that can detect your fingerprint. Since access is by fingerprint, this lock has a fingerprint database that has access to the room. They are usually capable of storing up to 100 fingerprints. They can also start automatically when you put your finger on the sensor.



mortise lock


A mortise rock refers to a particular type of lock. A set of mortar locks includes a handle and a set of locks, as well as the exterior finish of a set of mortar locks is not only finish, but also has a sufficiently large hole that matches the set of mortise locks on the door. The mortar lock operation is not always based on a standard cylinder lock, but here, in most sets of mortise locks sold, they contain cylindrical locking mechanisms, as they are usually considered safer.




To ensure the safety of the home, we must use an appropriate locking system that allows us to live without stress with the security of our property. This is possible if we get the correct lock, ready with all the options to disable a good lock system. Currently, various reputable security gate locks suppliers are working on this topic and have prepared effective lock systems for use at home 

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