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How to install the smart lock?


With the popularity of china smart door lock, many consumers are willing to buy smart lock products. Because the purchase channels are different, installation is a problem too. Smart locks purchased offline will be installed by brand installers, while products purchased online may not have door-to-door service because of the brand. Whether there is door-to-door delivery or not, we all need the installation process of smart lock china. After the preparatory work is completed, we will begin to install the smart door lock. I will summarize the detailed installation process of the smart door lock into following steps: punching, installing the lock body, installing the handle, installing the panel, checking and initializing. The following is a detailed introduction.


If it is a new door, you need to punch holes before installing the smart door lock. Because most smart door locks are installed on the anti-theft door, you can use an angle grinder to cut and punch the steel inside the anti-theft door. Of course, if the lock hole of the original door lock exactly matches the lock hole of the apartment smart lock, there is no need to punch again. Fuyu lock will be equipped with a hole drawing when packaging, and the new door can be easily opened hole .

Install the lock Case:

The lock case of Fuyu intelligent lock can be reversed by itself. First determine the opening direction and set the direction of the lock tongue, then install the lock case of the intelligent lock tuya into the hole and fix it with screws, and then insert cylinder into the hole in the lock case. The screws for fixing the cylinder can be inserted and tightened from the side,  At this step, it should be noted that the lock case of the smart door lock must not tilt during installation, otherwise it cannot be used normally.

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Test lock case: 

when we fix the lock body and the lock cylinder, we need to debug. At this time, we can insert the key into the lock cylinder and rotate it back and forth to test whether the lock body can be opened normally. If there is a problem with unlocking, it needs to be readjusted.

Install handle:

Install the door handle on the front and rear panels first. In order to avoid loosening when installing the handle, use the spring pad when installing the screw. In addition, the handle of the smart door lock will have a square hole. When installing the handle, the square bar spring must be inserted into it at the same time, otherwise the smart locks for apartments will not unlock normally.

Install the panel:

We need to install the front panel first. At this time, we need to correctly connect the lock body line with the plug of the control line, and the battery line of the smart locks for apartment buildings should also extend from the inner side of the door through the screw hole of the fixed panel. At the same time, insert the square rod used for connection into the square rod hole of the door lock body, and the length depends on the thickness of the door. Install a rubber gasket at the bottom of the panel and fix it on the door with screws. Then install the rear panel. During installation, connect the battery line extending from the front panel with the line of the battery box first, and ensure that the connecting rod and square bar of the anti lock button are inserted into the corresponding position of the lock body before use

Fully Check:

In the factory state of Fuyu intelligent lock, any password and fingerprint can unlock, so after installing the door lock, enter the password or fingerprint to check whether the door lock can unlock normally. If there is no problem, it can be used normally.

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