Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


3D Recognition face smart door lock


In door lock markets, more and more wholesale smart lock security door let us see different imaginations. 3D face recognition technology is far beyond the traditional fingerprint recognition method in terms of door opening experience, applicability and safety of the elderly and children. It has been unanimously sought after by the intelligent door lock industry and the market, and the scale of production and sales has been rapidly increased.

"Smart " " convenient " " humanized " and other selling points continue. However, adhering to the essence of security is still one of the core functions of smart door locks.

Fuyu lock launched a new smart door lock 6588. It is armed with a number of technologies, each of which is carefully crafted, and has reached a new height in product quality, home safety, and user experience.

Fuyu intelligent door lock 6588 is an intelligent visual face lock designed for home entry scenarios and with the concept of safer and more convenient intelligent life.

It integrates door lock, doorbell, door viewer and intelligent camera, and 3D face recognition unlocking function, intelligent detection, intelligent doorbell and other functions.

3D face recognition for unlock the door with seconds, non-contact automatic unlocking. When you stand in front of the door, it can automatically recognize face features, then you can complete the unlocking operation without touching the china door lock.

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Built in large-size display, which is clearly watching outdoors situation. This smart lock will also automatically capture abnormal phenomena  and send it to your mobile App, and you can check the records at any time

For the pain points such as poor face recognition effect, limited recognition posture and information security concerns, Fuyu intelligent door lock 6588 adopts an efficient and safe face recognition technology

3D face recognition is faster, more accurate and safer. 3D stereoscopic effect, real-time recognition of dynamic facial features, detailed comparison and effectiveness, whether the elderly or children, makeup, glasses, can be accurately recognized.

Human stereo vision algorithm adapts to all kinds of light environment, corridor recognition without light, indoor and outdoor. It brings a better experience to the extent of users' use.

Fuyu intelligent door lock 6588 can realize three innovations: First, it is safe and has advanced face recognition technology. Second, it has face recognition + video intercom. You can press the doorbell to realize online video intercom, and you can easily greet guests when you are not at home. Third, it can monitor the dynamics in front of the door around the clock, issue warnings in case of abnormal conditions, capture color photos or videos, and then push the message to the mobile App (U Smart Go App). Users can view it at any time, so that users can really use it at ease.

Fuyu intelligent door lock 6588 not only has face recognition and unlock the door within a seconds, but also video intercom. Family members can monitor the status outside the door in real time through mobile phones, which makes the elderly feel more relieved at home.

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