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How to open the door when the smart lock is out of power? Which unlocking method is safer?


With the continuous development of science and technology, people's locks have also undergone great changes. From the beginning of ordinary locks to the emergence of smart locks, people can enjoy a more convenient life, which also proves that people's quality of life is on the rise. Constantly improve. However, when using smart things, there will always be a situation where the smart lock is out of power. So, how to open the door when the smart door lock is out of power? How to charge the smart lock?


1. Emergency power supply by USB

How to open the door when the tuya smart door lock is out of power? Smart locks generally have usb rechargeable, but most of the current mobile phones are difficult to insist on being played by everyone all day. Therefore, many people will carry USB and charging treasure with them. I have to say this is a good habit. At the lower end of the front panel of the smart lock, there is a USB power supply hole, which can be used for emergency power supply through the power bank, and can be used to open the door.


2. Emergency mechanical key to open the door

Smart locks generally have an emergency mechanical key. If the smart lock is out of power and cannot open the door, you need to use the emergency mechanical key to open the door. The keyhole of the smart lock is either in the lower middle part of the front panel, or at the bottom of the front panel. When you use a smart lock, remember to put the emergency key in the office, in the car or with a neighbor with a good relationship.


3. Find a locksmith to unlock the lock

The smart lock is a C-level lock cylinder that is difficult to be unlocked by technology, but it does not mean that it cannot be unlocked by technology, but it is more troublesome. However, since the location of the keyhole design of the smart lock is not very convenient, this method is not very applicable in combination. The author has also seen some people report that they asked a lockpicker to open a C-level lock, but they were directly rejected. This shows that the master lockpicker doesn't want to do such a laborious or even thankless thing.


How Smart Locks Charge

How to charge the smart lock? If the smart lock for apartment is out of power, you need to remember that the smart lock for apartment door usually has a baffle. After opening, you can see the emergency mechanical lock hole, and you can open the door in an emergency with the mechanical key. In addition, some smart locks can be charged in an emergency through an external power supply, such as an external power supply (9V battery or Micro USB connected to a power bank) temporarily powering the system to allow the user to open the door first, and then replace the battery as soon as possible.


Smart lock battery replacement method:

The principles of apartment smart lock on the market are basically the same. First of all, when the battery is out of power, the smart door will generate a low-voltage alarm prompt. Remind the user that the power of the door lock is insufficient, and the battery of the door lock needs to be replaced in time. To install the battery, you need to know where the battery is located, generally in the following locations: the rear panel, on the lock body, and centralized power supply.


1. Rear panel: Most of the batteries are on the top of the rear panel, fixed by screws, and can be disassembled and installed with a screwdriver

2. Lock body: It is relatively rare on the lock body, and it is generally seen in hotel smart lock. The lock body of some electronic locks is the long lock body (the lock body contains the battery box). When disassembling, open the door and remove the lock body guide plate (side bar), the battery compartment will pop out, and the battery can be replaced.

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3.Centralized power supply: Centralized power supply is even rarer. Generally, dozens of rooms or hundreds of rooms are managed centrally. There is a fixed DC power supply, which is wired to the lock of each room. There is no need to find a battery cover for this. , because there is no battery design.


smart Lock

The reason why the smart lock is called "smart lock" is because it helps people to be liberated from traditional mechanical door locks through the support of various identification technologies, realize keyless unlocking, and even establish an IoT relationship with other household items, helping We are accelerating into the age of intelligence. "Smart door lock refers to a lock that is improved on the basis of the difference from traditional mechanical locks, and is more intelligent and simple in terms of user safety, identification, and management." It has higher security and convenience, and it has Combination lock with advanced technology.


Which unlocking method is safer? fingerprint? human face? Or a password?

Now the unlocking technologies of smart locks include fingerprint recognition technology, face recognition technology, finger vein recognition technology, palm vein recognition technology, iris recognition technology, as well as key unlocking, password unlocking, swipe card unlocking, and various network unlocking methods. In terms of security and applicability, each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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The most common fingerprint unlocking methods are divided into optical fingerprint unlocking and semiconductor fingerprint unlocking. Optical fingerprint heads use optical reactions to image fingerprints, while semiconductors use potential differences to image fingerprints. The latter is for living body recognition, and fingerprints are not easy to be detected. Copy, so more security


The basic principle of face recognition technology is based on the complexity of facial features, such as the relative positions of eyes, nose, mouth and other parts, scanning and learning the multi-point parameters of the face, and then converting them into digital templates.

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Finger vein recognition technology is one of the relatively high security recognition technologies at present. Its basic principle is to use the structure of vein blood vessels for identification. Because there are many dense blood vessels at the end of the fingertips, there is almost no duplication between people. , will not be unrecognizable due to abnormal skin on the surface of the finger.

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