Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.




As time goes by, you may find that electronic hotel room door locks wear out due to heavy use or outdated technology. As a result, it is necessary to replace your old hotel door locks if you don't pay attention to the wearing out of your electronic hotel room door locks. This could result in serious safety issues and management problems.

How Does Hotel Lock Upgrading Work?

As a result of the hotel lock, all of the hotel's locks will be replaced with more advanced and modern commercial electronic door locks. However, this is not an easy task until you have a lot of experience installing and replacing new hardware. As an alternative, you should find a reliable electronic lock factory to assist you in designing the perfect upgrade.

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Hotel's Door Locks?

Safer in the Hotel

Your hotel can be secured with the latest technological solutions offered by a new door lock system. It will not only provide your guests and employees with increased safety, but also bolster your anti-hacking level to keep intruders out. Moreover, upgrading to an electronic system can minimize risks such as fire, property damage, and potential harm to hotel guests or staff due to unauthorized access which is possible in older magnetic card locks. Additionally, it eliminates the danger of burglary due to bugs associated with traditional hotel locks.

Overcome the drawbacks of magnetic card locks in hotels

In addition to being easily copyable, magnetic card hotel locks have some drawbacks. For example, anyone can easily copy the pass card at a low cost with a device. This would allow your hotel to be attacked easily. These drawbacks may not affect your hotel if you replace them with the latest electronic security door locks. Your hotel may be the public park for that theft.

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What are the risks of not upgrading your hotel's door lock?

Not upgrading your smart hotel lock may lead to pickability after extended use by those with the appropriate skills, creating a security risk. Furthermore, staff and guests could be confronted by intruders in an effort to cover their tracks. Lastly, any theft of property from a room would besmirch the reputation of your hotel, leading guests to question its reliability.

This series of electronic hotel room door locks utilise RFID technology and offers three variations to suit a range of scenarios. The durable zinc alloy handle is finished with long-lasting painting, 3-point stainless steel latch construction has an anti-friction mechanism and the mortise is equipped with a 20mm throw high strength deadbolt for extra security. As for functionality, these locks boast 1000 events audit trail capability, compatibility with the BIS HOTEL software platform and the ability to create a contactless service in your hotel.

This series of electronic locks for hotels has simple lines and fashionable designs, offering the perfect option for your modern hotels. The matte black finish allows you to maximize the hotel's fashion sense while the latest Mifare contactless technology grants guests and staff with access convenience. Furthermore, advanced anti-hacker features ensure that no one can re-program FLASH RAM lock memory from outside the escutcheon. Notably, these door locks have high adaptability, suitable in various circumstances such as business, resort, spa and All-Inclusive. Driven by the design concept of "Sparkling bright spot, not just the looks", these hotel room electronic door locks provide a modernized level of security and style.

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