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How to select a front door handle lock


Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to the house security, to protect the family’s safe it’s very essential to install a good quality front door handle lock. It can be beautiful design outside as well as high security inside if you choose FUYU grip handle lock set.

So in the current market, there are many different types of front door locks and different functions. How should we choose a door lock? Do you have any ideas?

The standards of choosing a nice front door handle lock are as below:

1, The electroplating must be smooth and uniform, without bumps, scratches, and peaks.

2, From the performance point of view, check if the thumb button on the front panel of the big handle door lock can open easily? Are the springs of the buttons elastic? Are the egg knobs on the rear panel turned freely? Is it smooth when turning?

3, Look at the lock body, is the forend good material like brass or stainless steel, it would be better if it’s stainless steel 304, so the anti-corrosion performance is good. If the material is steel, then after some time the forend may get rusted and looks ugly, also if the factory don’t pay attention to the details, they may also use bad quality inside parts, and the life cycles will be short. As well as the deadbolt and latch, it must be strong enough.

4, About the cylinders, the best material is solid brass, as well as the pins, some factory use steel pins, once it get rusted, the lock will be difficult to open.

5, Now come to the functions, some of the functions are very important, some functions are less important. Depends on your actual needs. Like some locks the out side handle or the thumb button is not functional, so when people get out of the house, and if you forget to bring the keys, then you will have problem to unlock it. But if the thumb button or handle functional then you can just open it and take the keys with you.


Today we are going to introduce one series of our grip handle main door locks, which is consists of a front and rear panel and handles, cylinder and lock body. Below are the advantage of FUYU hardware main door locks,

With 35 years experience, we always keep researching and developing beautiful design and high performance main door locks, to ensure the high security and cost-effective products.

Main material we use:

1, Zinc alloy: Fuyu hardware adopt TORCH brand #4 zinc alloy, which is the much better than #3 zinc, some company even use recycled zinc, which makes the anti-corrosion performance much lower.

2, Solid brass: Fuyu hardware use H59 solid brass, 59 means the percentage of copper, and which is the best percentage to make the lock, because too much copper will makes the lock too soft. So the profit percentage makes it durable enough to make beautiful design and also keep the advantage of the brass.

3, Stainless steel 304, as you know the stainless steel ‘s anti-corrosion performance is very good, but on the other hand, due to the stainless steel is too hard, so not as easy as the zinc alloy or brass to make the fancy designs. If your door or house decoration is not too fancy, then the stainless steel 304 grip handle lock set would be a good choice for you.

Lock case:

Because of the global first-creative revolutionary design and simple structure, our lock case contains only about 60 pieces components, while other American style lock cases contain at least 90 pieces components. To achieve the same function, less parts means more simple, stable and effective, trouble-free.

From inside to outside, including latch, bolt, rotors and cams, all parts are make by solid investment-casting stainless steel, much more durable and higher fire-proof level. So far, in worldwide lock set industry, only FUYU executes this technique, others manufacture American style lock cases with brass and steel material.

According to the authoritative testing reports, brass-made assemblies were damaged badly after 800,000 cycles, but investment-casting stainless steel-made assemblies remain good condition after 1,200,000 cycles.

Casing is sealed by revolving rivets, stronger and more elegant, the surface is flatter, maximum avoid potential operation problems caused by wrongly drilled holes.


Anti-drill American style cylinder, with construction key function.

Solid brass cylinder (brass housing, plugs and pins).

Dual keyway, one side single-row-pin, one side track-cut-pin.

Processed with CNC(computer numeric control) machines, key-combination is over international l standard.

Each cylinder with 5 pcs brass owner keys and 2 pcs construction keys, thickness of the key is 3.0mm.

For mass orders, Fuyu hardware also provide OEM and ODM service, so you can make it in your own brand on the forend of the lock case, cylinders, keys and your unique package. Meanwhile we can also make it in your own design as you imagined. The MOQ for different requirements are also different, if you want to know more, you can send us an email to: And let’s talk more details.

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