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How to select smart lock


With the popularity of smart devices and smart homes, smart locks have gradually replaced traditional door locks as the choice of more and more families. Compared with traditional door locks, smart locks are more convenient to use, have a higher safety factor, and have a more fashionable appearance. So how to choose a suitable china smart door lock?

I want to give you eight important smart lock selection criteria, which are "lock cylinder level, unlocking method, fingerprint identification method, door opening method, power supply method and endurance, safety factor.

1. Lock cylinder class

According to the national standard, the common door lock cylinder in the market is mainly divided into three levels.

Grade A, which means that the technical unlocking time shall not exceed 1 minute; Level B, which means that the technical unlocking time exceeds 5 minutes

Exceeding level B or level C means that the technical unlocking time needs more than 270 minutes.

I suggest you choose the smart lock whose lock cylinder level reaches level C.

2. Unlocking mode

The unlocking methods of smart lock china usually include "password, fingerprint, card swiping, panel identification, app and emergency key".

In our daily use, the most commonly used way to unlock is password and fingerprint.

3. Fingerprint identification method

I suggest that you choose the smart lock with semiconductor fingerprint identification, which has high fingerprint resolution, strong anti-counterfeiting ability and smaller size.

4. Door opening mode

The semi-automatic intelligent lock can only be opened by pressing down the door handle after the password or fingerprint identification is successfully unlocked.

The fully automatic intelligent lock can be opened by simply pushing the door after the password or fingerprint is unlocked.

Under the condition of sufficient budget, I suggest you choose the fully automatic smart lock.

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5. Power supply mode and endurance

The semi-automatic smart lock usually uses a dry battery, and its service life can be as long as 1 to 2 years.

The fully automatic intelligent lock usually uses rechargeable lithium battery, and the endurance time is about half a year.

6. Safety factor

I suggest that when selecting an intelligent high end smart lock, you should focus on the security system of an intelligent lock, including virtual password, duress fingerprint, low battery alarm, abnormal alarm, etc., which should be the standard security performance of an intelligent lock.

7. Brand and after sales

As the smart lock is related to our daily use and daily family safety, I suggest you choose a big brand with high professionalism and guaranteed after-sales service.

8. Installation conditions

When you have selected a smart lock ready to place an order, you must contact the customer service to confirm whether the door lock has installation conditions.

Some other additional functions can also add points to an intelligent smart door lock, such as anti small black box, cat eye anti-theft, etc.

Today, we bring you Fuyu intelligent lock, which reaches the level C lock cylinder. Fuyu intelligent lock 6503, made of zinc alloy, 60*68 lock body, motor imported from Japan. Unlocking method: card, fingerprint, password and emergency key.

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