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How to use the smart lock?


Smart locks will be the trend in the future. At present, many families begin to use smart locks. The main advantage of smart ock is safety and convenience! However, many people cannot use smart locks correctly after buying them, resulting in short product life and excessive maintenance times! So how to use smart locks?

How to use smart lock:

Home from work! Free your hands without looking for keys.

1. Tap the password input area of the smart door lock and wake up the input key to enter the password directly. When entering the password, you can add any number in front of it to prevent people from peeking and revealing the password.

2. Lift up the sliding cover and directly press the fingerprint to unlock. Please place your fingers correctly. You need to input the fingerprint on the smart lock to ensure that the fingerprint has been recorded in the chip of the lock cylinder.

4. If the fingerprint is wrong, the finger lock will alarm;

If the fingerprint is correct, the fingerprint lock will make a "Ding Dong" sound.

5. Press the handle down and the door will open.

6. When you get home, lift the handle gently and the fingerprint lock will be locked.

7.Turn the safety handle to the right and the door will be locked.

Closing at work:

1. Turn the safety of the door lock to the left and open the internal safety. Press the middle button on the handle with your thumb and press the handle down.

2. The door opens.

3. Close the door and gently lift the lock handle, that is, lock all the locking tongues of the anti-theft door.

5. Supplementary note: the smart fingerprint lock also has a spare key. In case the fingerprint cannot be opened, you can unlock it with the key.

Key unlocking method: the key hole is at the bottom, you can see the lock hole when you squat down, and you can insert the key to open it, such as the ordinary lock of the anti-theft door.

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Precautions for using smart lock:

1. The china fingerprint security door lock should be waterproof. This is common sense. There are many electronic devices in the fingerprint door lock. If water enters, it will interfere with the electronic circuit, etc;

2. Generally, fingerprint lock can only be used to open the door, and the button to open the door outside can only be pressed by hand. Do not press the door with hard objects;

3. After the fingerprint acquisition window is used for a long time, there will be dirt on the surface, which may affect the normal use. At this time, you can wipe the dirt with a soft cloth;

4. When using best fingerprint door lock, do not close or open the sliding cover of sensor and password keyboard with force of hand.

5.Confirm whether the current fingerprint is the fingerprint of the management user. If not, the password cannot be changed. If you want to manage fingerprints or change passwords, please follow the correct operating steps.

Other precautions:

1. If the door is deformed, the friction of the combined inclined tongue into the door buckle box will be too large and cannot be fully extended. At this time, the position of the door plate should be adjusted; After the fingerprint matching is successful, the handle has not been turned for a long time. Please re-enter the fingerprint and then open the door;

2. It is forbidden to contact the lock surface with corrosive substances, so as not to damage the protective layer of the lock surface and affect the gloss of the lock surface;

3. The handle is the key part of opening and closing the door lock, and its flexibility directly affects the use of the door lock. Therefore, do not hang objects on the handle;

4. There are two important components in the smart lock: the fingerprint module and the electronic clutch. When the verification is successful, carefully listen to whether there is the sound of motor rotation in the lock. If there is no sound of motor rotation, the circuit from the circuit board to the motor may be broken. The motor makes a sound of rotation. Maybe the square rod inside the handle fell off. At this time, you'd better contact the after-sales service to deal with it.

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