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Common faults and solutions of fingerprint lock


Nowadays, fingerprint lock has become a symbol of high-quality life, because compared with other mechanical door lock, password locks and induction locks, fingerprint lock has the advantages of high security, non duplication, strong memory, high portability and strong anti-theft; But in the process of using, there are some small faults occasionally, such as: the key doesn't respond, the light doesn't light up, or you can't log in and unlock by pressing your fingerprint, etc., so how can we solve it?

1. Manager full

Solution: please delete a manager before logging in.

2. LCD screen does not display or display error


(1)check the power supply and the connection of each part;

(2) Contact the manufacturer's technical personnel.

3. System deadlock

Solution: turn off the power supply, turn the battery switch to off, and then power on the system again.

4. Login timeout

Solution: if the position of the fingers is not standard, the fingers are placed too late or the external light is too strong, operate again according to the procedure.

5. Unable to communicate with PC


(1)please check the serial port setting with PC and the address setting of attendance machine; 

(2) Check whether the communication line is unblocked.

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6. The button doesn't respond, and the light doesn't light up

Solution: most of this fault occurs because the china fingerprint security door lock is out of power, so remember, when the fingerprint lock alarms at low voltage, quickly replace it with a new battery, and don't wait until the battery runs out of power; Generally, the battery can be used for more than one year after changing.

7. You can't login and unlock by pressing your fingerprint terms of settlement:

(1) Please log in to another finger print. Choose fingers with good quality (less wrinkles, no peeling, clear fingerprints);

(2) Try to make the finger contact the collector with a larger area, and try to press the finger flat;

(3) If your fingers are too dry and the scanner cannot detect them, you can wipe your forehead with your fingers first;

(4) Clean the fingerprint acquisition window;

(5)User login by password.

8.The door lock screw is loose. 

Solution: retighten the door lock screw and use the administrator's fingerprint or password to cancel the alarm;

9.If the power is too low, low voltage will prompt the alarm. 

Solution: replace the battery;

10.The door is not closed properly. 

Solution: close the door again;

11.Accidentally hit the anti prying alarm switch. 

Solution: remove it with the fingerprint and password of the administrator or family member.

Fingerprint door lock alarm refers to that when the fingerprint lock with alarm function is unlawfully unlocked or stolen, the system will send an alarm sound or feed back to the preset display alarm system such as the designated mobile phone. Therefore, the wholesale indoor fingerprint door lock with alarm function is safer, which can effectively prevent thieves from prying and removing the door. A safe home starts with a smart fingerprint door lock. The fingerprint door lock has the function of anti prying, anti dismantling and low-power alarm, which is more safe and reliable to protect your home for you.

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