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If the door lock can't open, what can we do ?


In life, it is inevitable that there will be some accidents that cause the door lock to be violently closed, such as the gusts that are suddenly blown off, etc. These violent closures are likely to cause the horn lock to be easily detached, or the door is distorted or locked. The tongue fixing screw loosely protrudes and the like, causing the door lock to jam the door frame and cannot be opened. What should happen if the door lock does not open? We remind you to first understand what is the cause of the door lock can not be opened.

The reason why the door lock suddenly cannot be opened and the solution:

1. If your home is a horn lock, the door lock suddenly cannot be opened. It is likely that the lock slanting tongue is unhooked and malfunctions. At this time, the lock screw can be opened, the lock tongue can be repaired, or the lock can be replaced. Wait, you can open the door lock.

2. If it is an auxiliary lock, (mostly installed in the iron door, the copper door lock) is the lock tongue or the handle of the handle tongue loosening and protruding, the door frame can not be opened. At this time, you can find a flat-mouth screwdriver, and push the protruding screws from the door to the inside to dial back.


3. If the lock is stuck to the foreign object, the handle or the key is difficult to twist. If the door is opened outward, the door can be pulled inwardly; if the door is open inside, the force can be used to push the door outward, which can reduce the force. And easily open the door.

Of course, in order to ensure the performance of the door lock in the home can be maintained for a long time, it is required to be carefully maintained during the use process, to develop good habits, try not to unintentionally violently close the door, so that there will be no door The lock suddenly can not open the phenomenon!

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