Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.




It is essential that the security of your home because it provides shelter to you and your family members. In addition, it also keeps your personal items and belongings safe. As digital door locks can enhance house security, nowadays, keyless digital locks are preferred by door lock distributors and agents all around the world. One of the leading smart door lock suppliers we would like to recommend is with the company name of Fuyu lock. With advanced technology,  Fuyu’s smart door locks provide the best solution to keep your home secure.

The front door of your home provides the main entry to your house. Therefore, it is important to keep your front door secure to avoid any unauthorized entry. And for that, you can rely on Fuyu ’s digital door lock for your entrance door. Benefits of using smart door lock are below:

Keep your privacy

Homeowners often keep their private documents and items inside their home. Therefore, home security is necessary to protect their privacy. A digital lock for home is the right answer for this need as it can only be accessed with an RF card or the PIN code of the authorized persons.

Easy to use

With this apartment digital door lock ,  you could enter your front door with two ways: RF card and PIN code. If you forget to bring RF card with you, you could still easily access your home with PIN code which could bring great convenience to you.

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Provide a sense of peace

House security provides you a sense of peace. Residents just require complete peace of mind at their home and their personal life will be disturbed if they didn’t get this peace. Smart door locks can play a key role in providing a sense of peace as they control your front door. RF digital door lock has several security features, such as invisible keypad, operation status notification, automatic locking, anti-panic exit system, low battery warning, and alarm in case a wrong pin code has been entered 3 times.

As one of top keyless door lock suppliers in China, Fuyu lock provides various types of digital door locks to agents and distributors to choose throughout the world. Customized digital door locks are also available. Don’t hesitate to contact Fuyu lock for more information or quotation.

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