Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


Installation Advice & Check List of Electric Locks


Installation Advice & Check List of Electric Locks

Installing Electric Locks? Get things right the first time and avoid a return visit.

Have a look through our useful installation advice and checklist below, and make sure that you don’t have to go back a second time.

Power Supply


Check that you have the correctly specified power supply connected.

Check that you have enough power going all the way to the lock – correct voltage must be 12v AC to lock itself

Less than 12V and the lock might not always release correctly (unless the lock has a function for reduced power supply)

More than 12V and the coil can heat up and burn out

Make sure Amperage is sufficient to avoid power drops (1.5 amp or 3 amp for long cables)




Ensure that you use the correct thickness of cable

Use minimum of 1 mm2 (square) diameter flex up to 30m cable length

Use minimum 1.5 mm2 flex above 30m

Make sure that all wires are tucked away and not exposed or accessible

Exposed wires pose a security risk

Mind the Gap

Ensure that you have the recommended gap between the frame and the lock body so that the lock will load and set correctly

If the gap between the frame and the lock body is too narrow the latch can get stuck

If the gap between the frame and the lock body is too wide the latch won’t latch and set properly

Optimum gap for most electric locks is 3 – 4 mm

Optimum gap for Aluminium doors – 2mm

Optimum gap for Rim Electric locks can go up to 4.5mm


Make sure that the Cylinder Barrel is facing the right way up (with the CISA logo facing to the top)

If you are installing a Rim Electric Lock and the cylinder barrel sticks out it needs to be protected with a CISA weld-on protective box, otherwise it can become a security risk

If you are installing a Euro-Profile cylinder in a Mortise Electric Lock then you need to use a protective rose or Escutcheon

On customized mortise locks make sure that you protect the coil of the locks as much as possible from weather – seal the tops of the gate tubing and make sure the top of the lock style is sealed, otherwise rainwater will seep in and can damage the coil.


Ensure periodic maintenance and lubrication


Spray on Latch & Load pin, Dead Bolt and Cylinder (but avoid contact with the coil)

DO NOT spray onto the Coil (avoid the coil completely)

DO NOT use a Silicon based spray. This can cause more harm than good.

FUYU hardware has gradually become one of the most famous lockset & hardware manufactures because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.

Our company is specialized in the production of high-added value and high grade locks (passed ANSI/BHMA grade 2), and has over 30 years experience. Leap-type development in recent years, the company continued to introduce advanced production equipment, hire outstanding management and technical personnel, make efforts to improve the product research and development, quality control and after-sales service system. With more than 1000 high quality differentiation of the product set up "FUYU" and "LOKIN" brand of good reputation.

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