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Is it necessary for the "high-temperature automatic unlocking" function of the intelligent lock?


In recent years, with the improvement of public household decoration security awareness, the security performance of intelligent locks has gradually become a topic of concern. In the domestic standards on intelligent high end smart lock, there are provisions on relevant safety performance, including environmental adaptation, anti technology opening, emergency unlocking button, emergency alarm, etc., but there are few requirements and provisions on automatic unlocking at high temperature (the door lock will automatically open when the internal temperature of the intelligent lock reaches the high temperature value).

Is it necessary to have the high-temperature automatic unlocking function? What are the standards for this at China and abroad?

The high temperature automatic unlocking function of the tuya intelligent lock is mainly used for rapid escape in case of fire. When the temperature inside the smart lock reaches the high temperature value, the door lock will open automatically to facilitate the escape of people in the room. But most smart locks on the market now have quick emergency unlocking and internal escape functions. Is it necessary to automatically unlock at high temperature? This involves the following two aspects:

1.Whether the intelligent lock can work normally in the fire and high temperature environment?

According to our national industrial standard GA 374-2019( Electronic Anti theft Lock), the flame retardancy of non-metallic parts of the electronic anti-theft lock shell shall comply with the provisions of 5.6.3 in GB 16769-2009: the shell of non-metallic equipment shall be flame retardant. The fire shall not be ignited after 5 times of flame burning for 5s each time.

However, in the extreme case of fire, the number and duration of fire exposure of the intelligent lock door lock are far greater than this provision.

It is also stipulated in the industry standard GA 374-2019 Electronic Anti theft Lock that the electronic function of the intelligent door lock should work normally at 70 ℃ (± 2 ℃).

However, in a fire, the ambient temperature can be as high as 200-800 ℃, much higher than 70 ℃. The electronic function of the intelligent door lock will fail to a large extent, affecting the normal unlocking operation.

2.Whether the internal escape function can work normally in the high temperature environment of fire?

Nowadays, smart locks on the market generally have the function of internal escape, mainly embodied in the internal emergency knob and quick opening handle.


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The internal emergency function needs to press and rotate the knob to unlock, while the quick opening function is achieved by moving the quick opening handle from left to right. These two functions open the door lock by mechanical unlocking, so they are not affected by the electronic components of the intelligent lock in case of fire, and the safety is relatively high. However, considering the high temperature at the fire site, the rotary button and quick opening handle are generally made of metal, which heats up quickly, and the emergency knob needs to be pressed down first and then rotated to unlock. These factors greatly increase the difficulty of unlocking, and also make the trapped personnel easy to be burned when using. To sum up, in case of fire disaster, although users can unlock through internal escape knob, quick open handle and other methods, there are many uncertainties and large potential safety hazards. The setting of high-temperature unlocking function can further ensure the safety of users' use of locks, and give users maximum protection in extreme situations such as fire. Therefore, the high-temperature unlocking function is necessary.

The domestic industry standards of custom intelligent locks related to fire prevention mainly focus on fire prevention, flame retardancy, high temperature resistance and other aspects of door locks, while there is no mandatory specification for the high-temperature automatic unlocking function of intelligent door locks.

Foreign countries, especially South Korea, are different. In addition to the requirements for fire prevention, flame retardancy, high temperature resistance and other aspects, foreign countries have also made specifications for the "high temperature automatic unlocking" function of intelligent locks. From 2006 to 2014, the Korean Institute of Technical Standards continuously revised the standard KSC 9806 wholesale Digital Door Lock, which specifies the high-temperature automatic unlocking function of the intelligent lock.

This requirement mainly specifies that when the temperature is reached, the door lock shall open automatically and can be unlocked with one key through the internal emergency device.

This requirement is to standardize the temperature sensor, so as to prevent the use of lighters and other heating products outside the door lock. The temperature sensor will be automatically opened because the temperature of the outer panel is too high and it will be mistaken for a fire, thus missing the safety of daily use. This specification is complementary to the "high-temperature automatic unlocking" specification, which ensures the safety of users in daily life and in case of fire. In addition, the standard KSC 9806 apartment digital door lock also specifies the fire resistance of door locks, which corresponds to the domestic door lock specifications.

However, there is no clear and detailed specification on the high-temperature automatic unlocking function. At present, smart locks with high-temperature automatic unlocking function on the market are also very rare. However, some enterprises have applied for technical patents on automatic unlocking at high temperature, which is good for the industry and consumers. It is hoped that the high-temperature automatic unlocking function can be more and more applied to smart door locks to eliminate the potential fire safety hazards to the greatest extent, so that consumers can buy and use smart locks more confidently.

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