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'King of hardware', Stanley Baide brings new hardware products to accelerate development in China

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-19
2010-10- 21 Source: modern lock industry Browse: 141 comment: 0 Core tip: On July 9, Stanley Baide company of the United States, which has the reputation of being the king of hardware, held a new product launch conference in Guangzhou, it is officially announced that the high-end hardware brand Baldwin and Stanley hardware new product series will enter July 9. Stanley Baide company of the United States, which has the reputation of being the king of hardware, will hold a new product launch conference in Guangzhou, officially announced the high-end hardware brand Baldwin and Stanley hardware new products into the Chinese market. The luxury hardware Baldwin brand has been favored in the United States for more than 60 years and has become an outstanding model for home and hotel product applications. Cutting-edge, revolutionary. . . . . . Such adjectives cannot fully describe the perfect surface treatment advantages and wear resistance of Baldwin products. Baldwin product series can realize the free collocation of users, fully reflect the dignity and personalization of users, and realize the eternal wealth and the show. Today, Baldwin is synonymous with luxury hardware products and noble status in the United States. Smart door lock Kwikset is an innovative leader in home and commercial door locks in the United States. It has the patented technology of SmartKey smart key, which is a revolutionary lock cylinder technology, it enables the user to change the key conveniently, flexibly and safely within 30 seconds without removing the lock from the door. The launch of Baldwin and Stanley's new hardware products in the Chinese market has enabled domestic high-end residential and distinguished villas to have perfect hardware products to match, it also makes designers have more choices for hardware applications. In the next few months, Stanley Baide will continue to launch industry application hardware solutions in the Chinese market, including hotel hardware, subway hardware, hospital hardware, home improvement hardware and other sets of programs. Relying on the global product advantages, Stanley Baide plans to establish professional hardware specialty stores in key cities across the country. In addition to the existing domestic distribution network, it is estimated that Stanley Baide will have more than 500 hardware flagship stores in the next three years. With the continuous enrichment and improvement of the product line, Stanley Baide's hardware distributors will gradually change from single product line distributors to integrators providing overall solutions. At the same time, the perfect sales and service network also ensures that Stanley Baide can provide users with strong product application training and 24-hour after-sales service. Stanley Baide company introduced Stanley was founded in the United States in 1843. At first, it specialized in producing bolts and hardware products, and continuously introduced first-class hardware and tool products, many of which were the first generation of hardware tools. In 1899, Stanley produced the world's first ball hinge and obtained the first ball hinge patent. After more than 160 years of history, Stanley has become one of the top 500 in the United States, its tools, hardware and security systems and other products and solutions have been widely used in various fields such as specialty, industry and public life. In March 15, 2010, Stanley officially acquired the world's largest hardware tool company, Baide (Black &Decker) After the merger, Stanley Baide's sales in 2010 are expected to reach 8. 8 billion US dollars. Stanley hardware includes door lock, hinge, door closer, push bar lock, building hardware, sliding door hardware, glass door hardware, bathroom door hardware, bathroom hardware, furniture hardware and other product series, can provide a complete overall solution for commercial and civil hardware needs. Stanley hardware products have become the first choice for professionals and many customers. In the world, some landmark buildings have designated Stanley products. In China, Stanley hardware products are applied in the office building of the head office of Bank of China, Shanghai Jinmao Tower, Shanghai Hongqiao town government, Shenzhen airport, Dalian Ikea, Huawei Software Park, etc.
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