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LOKIN 2020 brand strategy and smart lock marketing management platform fully launched


On May 27, the company opened the launch meeting of the LOKIN smart lock marketing management platform project on the new LOKIN brand strategy of 2020, which means that the LOKIN brand marketing system will be completely upgraded.


LOKIN will create a "one management platform", "three terminal roles" and "an intelligent center", and will use the LOKIN marketing management platform as a position to provide a display platform for distribution agents to provide users with shopping guides, new retail, and installation. , After-sales and other 24/7 and one-stop service.


Mr. Liang, chairman of the LOKIN brand, said that pioneering innovation is the soul of enterprise development, and will invest more in research and development in products, and realize management innovation through the standardization of management concepts and mechanisms, and achieve win-win cooperation through unity and mutual assistance.


Mr. Yi, Marketing Director of LOKIN, said that both the companys business and its distributors should keep pace with the times, study hard, and use the unique advantages of the LOKINs smart lock marketing management platform to combine customer relationship management with its own brand development strategy. Own scale and marketing objectives at this stage can easily identify needs and firmly grasp the pulse of customers.

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Lucky Marketing Management Platform will provide a perfect tool for marketing, through resource integration, accurately collect, manage and analyze consumer data to help businesses and distribution agents create effective marketing strategies.

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Platform development company Mr. Pan: LOKIN Fingerprint Lock has been cultivating the lock industry for many years and exported to many countries around the world. It has been at the forefront of the smart lock field. In recent years, the LOKIN brand has continued to exert efforts in the development and innovation of smart locks. Different consumer demands in the market. In order to better standardize the management of partners and service providers, market support, installation information and maintenance personnel resources in various regions; thus, a better product user experience to serve consumers; therefore, the Lucky marketing platform came into being.




The on-site LOKIN brand operation team and the platform development company launched a discussion on the current pain points of smart lock marketing

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For the brand side, how to manage the management problems of partners and service providers for most companies; the asynchronization of information leads the brand side to miss many opportunities; for the partners and service providers, how to manage their business There is no clear reference data for the better formulation of business strategies such as the amount of information; for users who need to install or after sale, they do not know where to find staff, and they often spend a lot of time and energy on things that can be avoided; or There is no suitable entry point in the management and support of agents, and the brand is missed in the local market.



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