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Several problems should be paid attention to in the production of zinc alloy door handles lock


1 Control alloy composition Starting from the purchase of zinc alloy, zinc alloy must be based on ultra-high purity zinc, plus alloy ingots made of ultra-high purity aluminum, magnesium and copper. The supplier has strict composition standards. High quality zinc alloy is the guarantee for the production of high quality zinc alloy grip handle locks.

2. The purchased zinc alloy should ensure a clean and dry stacking area to avoid white rust when exposed to moisture for a long time, or to be contaminated by factory dirt to increase slag production and increase metal loss. A clean factory environment is very important in controlling the composition of the alloy to ensure a good surface of zinc alloy mortise door locks.

3. The proportion of new material and returning material cannot be more than 50%, and the percentage of general new material: returning material = 70:30. Aluminum and magnesium are gradually reduced in continuous remelting alloys.

4. When the drainage opening material is remelting, it is necessary to strictly control the remelting temperature not to exceed 430 °C to avoid the loss of aluminum and magnesium.

5. The conditional die-casting plant preferably uses a concentrated furnace to melt the zinc alloy so that the zinc alloy and the recycled material are uniformly proportioned, and the flux can be used more effectively, so that the alloy composition and temperature are kept uniform and stable. Electroplating waste and fines should be separated into separate furnaces.


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