Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


Six tips to Anti-theft


At present, the door locks are generally divided into three levels: A-level, B-class, and super-B-level. The criminals are mainly aimed at the traditional A-class locks, while the technology of the super-B-locks is relatively difficult to open. The criminals encounter super Class B locks are generally ignored. "The criminals are most afraid to spend a long time unlocking. If the home is still a traditional A-class lock cylinder, it is best to replace the super-B lock cylinder to improve the overall anti-theft effect of the security door."

The police reminded the public that safety must be strengthened.

1. When going out, close the doors and windows before going to bed, and lock the security door.

2. Try to close the doors and windows before going to bed at night. Do not put valuables such as wallets, mobile phones, jewelry, etc., as well as bags, purses, bags, etc. in the living room.

3. Don't store too much cash in your home. Valuable items should be placed in places that are difficult for outsiders to find.


4. Learn to play the enchantment. When the whole family is out in the evening, it is best to light up a light or turn on the radio; when the family is out for a long time, they can dry some clothes on the balcony.

5. Do a good job in the neighborhood. When you go out, you should say hello to your neighbors, relatives and friends nearby, and ask for help.

6. For strangers who come to the door for repair and delivery, you should ask for their exact identity. To educate children, don't open the door to strangers easily. In the event of a power outage, do not go out and check the distribution box and other facilities to prevent thieves from taking the opportunity to sneak into the home.

You'd better buy a high security door lock so you can be safe enough.Buy the high quality door lock in Fuyu.Because Fuyu Hardware Products Co., Ltd., founded in 1999,  the best-selling products and exported to Europe and the United States more than 30 countries and regions.

Fuyu is specialized in the production of high-added value and high grade locks (passed ANSI/BHMA grade 2), and has over 30 years experience. Leap-type development in recent years, the company continued to introduce advanced production equipment, hire outstanding management and technical personnel, make efforts to improve the product research and development, quality control and after-sales service system. With more than 1000 high quality differentiation of the product set up "FUYU" and "LOKIN" brand of good reputation.

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