Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


Smart door lock opens the intelligent living door and makes life easier


Smart products have gradually come into people's lives and smart locks have also become part of an intelligent life.Smart lock is the "Internet lock" in essence,as an entrance to the smart home,its function,characteristics,bearing the culture, etc. have a special significance for our lives.

The mechanical door lock is unlocked by a key,while the smart door lock is marked by the use of a non-mechanical key unlocking.Common methods of unlocking are credit card,password,mobile login,biometric identification,ect.Biometrics is the use of computer and optical,acoustic biostatistics and other high-tech means,the use of the human body's inherent physiological characteristics (such as fingerprints,face,iris,etc.) and behavioral characteristics (such as handwriting,voice,gait,etc.) The identification,of which the highest utilization rate is the fingerprint identification.Fingerprint lock is used more optical fingerprints.Optical fingerprint acquisition has a long history,the obvious advantages:to withstand a certain degree of temperature changes,good stability,high resolution.

More smart lock manufacturers have chosen semiconductor fingerprinting,which is the vivo identification.Fingerprint lock with deep bio-recognition technology can fingerprint recognition from dry,wet,light,dirty fingerprints and the impact of dusty state,to eliminate false fingerprints,which is the main reason why semiconductor fingerprinting is superior to optical fingerprinting.

Fuyu lock,China intelligent lock manufacturers,engaged in smart locks,fingerprint lock production R & D,sales integration,which is an innovative technology company focused on smart home.Fuyu is committed to creating a world-class design and feeling experience of smart home security products.

The emergence of smart products such as smart door locks that open up the door to "future life" and has brought great impact on life convenient.

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Scene 1: The elderly,children go out and go home,you can remotely know

Another practical function of smart lock tuya is remote control,Especially for families with elderly children,which is particularly useful.Most parents need to work,children are taken care by the elderly or nanny belt.Installing smart locks,allowing parents to better grasp the whereabouts of children,so that parents feel comfortable.

With smart door locks installed,they are in the office and are also able to unlock the house for the elderly and children remotely,Avoiding them without door key need to wait for you to go home to open the door.If you use the fingerprint lock,different members of different fingerprints,you can know when the elderly or childrengo out and the time go home.This information can help parents to better understand the situation at home,in the event of anomalies,can be found in time.

Scene 2: Go out without a key

Before going out,the first thing need to confirm the key the phone and the door key whether is taken.Forget to take the wallet,the door key that may be the most headaches thing.Having a smart door lock,the door key become a non necessary goods when you go out.

Different from the traditional door locks,the first difference for smart lock is in the unlock mode.Most intelligent lock on the market can automatically set a variety of unlock mode,In addition to the traditional keys, you can also use the ways of password, fingerprint,smart sensor,credit card, etc. to unlock.

Scene 3: After taking the express delivery,buying food,no need to open the door

No need to use the traditional keys,smart locks can effectively solve many pain points of life.In the present era of convenience,people go out to take the delivery to become a way of life.

When your hands holding large courier returns home,you have to put the express package first,then took out the key to open the door.This is a disappointing thing.The wholesale smart door locks can perfectly eliminate this troubles.Fingerprint lock only need to press the finger to unlock.

Similarly,for housewives who need to buy food every day,the smart door lock card sensing function can also bring convenience.Even if your hands filled with vegetables,you can still easily open the door,without the use of keys.

Scene 4: rental housing,relatives and friends visit,domestic service, safe and convenient

Smart door lock can set the password to unlock the way,and accurate password effective time.For example, short-term rental of the house,you can set a password through the phone to share with tenants.The password takes effect on the day of rented room,and the password automatically expires on the day of check-out.In this way,the old password can no longer open the door when the lease is full.

Ordinary family and friends come to visit,if you have not just returned home,you can share a temporary password by mobile phone, relatives and friends can enter the house with this one-time password,you do not have to find ways to get back to open the door.

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